Juice Up Your Productivity

Do your days sometimes feel like mud? Your legs feel like lead, your head full of wadden, you are getting nowhere with your to-do list and feeling overwhelmed, your emotions are highlighted? Yes? I know how you feel! Whenever this happens to you, it’s telling you something: time to juice up your productivity! 

What causes you to feel like that? The answer is simple: toxicity. The answer? Clear it all out!

Toxins enter your body from many sources and on different levels.

  • Physically: through your food and beverages, air, daily body care, water, electronics, microwave,…
  • Mentally: through your thoughts, internal and external stress, clutter, overwhelm,…
  • Emotionally: relationships, community, friends and family, life itself, food stress, worries,…

They affect your energy in each of these areas. So let me give you a step for each level to rejuvenate and replenish your energy by eliminating what slows you down.

First it is essential to observe 3 patterns in your day:

  1. What do I eat that I know of that it is not good for me but that I eat anyway?
  2. What thoughts keep nagging around in my head and are attacking my confidence and growth?
  3. What emotions are getting in my way to feel good and how do I support/feed them?

1. Your food builds the foundation of your productivity: you can choose to nourish your precious brain cells or to destroy them with what you eat and drink. A reality check…

  • Processed foods: observe how often you shove a frozen meal into the microwave or get take out food
  • Alcohol: what are your drinking habits? Alcohol is very acid-forming and dehydrating your brain cells
  • Animal products: very acid-forming and clogging up your colon and so, your concentration
  • Dairy products: build up mucus in your filters, stuffing up your functions
  • Gluten: the glue in your bread and grains is responsible for a heavy, sticky and stuck feeling
  • Non-organic ingredients and products: they deliver an overload of chemicals and pesticides


By removing and replacing these products step by step, you will eliminate huge amounts of toxins that slow you down. When you eat more clean foods, you will create clarity. What’s in your colon is in your head: thousands of neurotransmitters that are responsible for clear thinking and good concentration are housed in your colon. Fiber makes everything move, also the toxins that thrive on sticky waste that’s stuck. Clear out the gunk for new energy, clarity, focus, lightness and good mood. You will have the feeling that you are in charge of your day again.

Add more clean and pure foods to your current diet if you are at the start, plan a green juice day once a week on a fix day (a Sunday is perfect) to accelerate the process of releasing toxins on a regular basis. You become what you eat.

2. What’s on your mind? Observe your thinking patterns for a week: do you tend to think as a victim or as a victor? If you have a brain that’s in pain from thinking in downwards spirals, undermining your confidence and capacities, you can turn it around by thinking the opposite. You become what you think. Good news: it only takes 21 days to change a habit! Uplifting thoughts make you feel better. Start each day with a great thought, a bright vision for a bright day. How you start your day defines your ability to keep up the high vibe. 

Also observe the external stress factors that leak your energy. How is your work environment inspiring you? Bored? Change your view, pull up an outdoor office and enjoy working. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are you looking up the ladder to feel inspired and motivated or do you tend to look down all the time, at those who didn’t “make” it? Only look up, to those who did what you want to achieve before you and got the results that you are longing for. Whom’s work do you admire? What would you be able to do with his/her capacities? How can you inspire your mind to be just as creative as they are? Let your mind become your most important motivator and cheerleader! 

3. What weighs down your soul? We are so much more productive when we are happy! Things get done in half the time when your heart is singing. I know, we don’t always feel responsible for our heart sores. But when you do take full responsibility and change the things you don’t like in your life, your emotional life loses weight, too. There is always a choice, even when you think there isn’t. You can make your own choices and replace the toxins that sadden you by what enlightens you. A good feeling can be found in small things that don’t take much time at all. What makes you feel good when you do it? Make a to-be list and do more of what you love doing and that has an instant impact on your feel good hormones. Dancing to your favourite song or singing loud in the car only takes a few minutes but releases loads of endorphins into your blood stream! You become what you feel.

If you know exactly what I'm talking about, don't hesitate and book your 100% FREE Makeover Taster Session with me! You will walk away with: 

  1. The necessary insights that will make you aware of what you're doing "wrong"
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