Behind The Scenes Of My VIP Days For Experts

Each time I post images of settings of my VIP days or weekends, I get the same reactions from experts: "What do you do during these days?" Or: "Oh, I SO want that!" 

I admit: VIP days and weekends are simply awesome and love doing them. Why? Because it's live with me at my place or at yours (when you fly me in), it's ALL tailored on YOU, all the attention goes to how you want to build your ideal lifestyle. 

How you prepare your food, what kind of mindset you have, how you organise (or not) for your crazy busy weeks, is all connected to living that dream life. After all: that's the time you will save and bring to your loved ones in the evening. Or to yourself to go out with friends. 

This is how it works

  1. First we talk about your challenges, I listen between the lines and see what strategies, systems and tactics I can bring to simplify your life so that you can save precious time. 
  2. If we decide on having a hands on cuisine and tasting experience, I tune in with your favourite junk and crap foods, the cravings you find hard to conquer. If you want a full mindset makeover or an energy boost for your exhausted business, we discuss your current feel and situation.
  3. I go to my drawing board, brainstorm for ideas, make a plan, map out the steps, design the scenario of our time together. I make a handout that takes you from A to B or a recipe book with what's on the menu.
  4. We pick a day or a weekend, you fly in (in which case you'll be picked up at the airport and for a weekend, I booked you a lovely luxury room in a cosy bed & breakfast nearby) or you drive over. 
  5. You show up and I deliver! I answer all your swirling questions, we make inspiring food together, I give you a boost of know-how that makes your head spin of ideas and possibilities or we start the adventure of a new business and set your mind for success.
  6. We have fun... 
  7. And you walk away with a box full of goodies, a smiling heart and an empowered mind.

So... if you are an entrepreneur and you have been telling yourself since ages that you would love to learn how to deal with everything you have on your plate and how to make it fit as a smooth ideal lifestyle, I'm your girl! 

Book your free time with me to discuss what you are missing right now and that I can help you bring more of to your life.