so that you can get out of bed earlier, show up at your best and make more money, live the dream


Have you heard yourself using these

one-liners in conversations lately?

“I need my coffee to wake up.”
”I don’t have time to eat in the morning.”
“I’m too tired to start cooking when I get home from work.”

How you start your day sets the tone of your day, what you feel like, what you crave for, what you’ll eat until you go to bed. 

It took me many years to understand how the first hour of my day was influencing my behavior and feel for the rest of that day. I was the kind of gal who would roll her eyes when someone would tell me that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Yeah yeah. 

What can I say? I was stubborn. Young. Healthy. Hakuna Matata. Settled comfortably in my habits, which were very supportive for all the excuses I came up with. Why bother with making a breakfast for myself once the kids were dropped off at school when I could replace that with a quick cup of coffee? You know what I’m talking about, right?




Luckily, this is all in the past. I know better now, because I had the experience of feeling the difference. And believe me: that feeling is impossible to describe...

You have to feel it for yourself! 

Because honestly, you can read this whole website and still not know what the heck I’m talking about. So give me a chance to bring on the feel that I won’t be able to explain in a hundred years.

In the end, that’s what will inspire and motivate you to take a next step and a next and a next. Until you master the art of taking care of yourself. 

Every change starts with


So, we’re only changing 1 small habit in your busy day, but with big effects. 

I made it real easy for you. I know you don’t have the time to figure it all out by yourself, to look for the right recipes, to make shopping lists. By the time you’re done with that, you may already have given up on yourself. 



I did that all for you.

I cut out all the excuses you may come up with by:


creating 5 quick, delicious breakfast drinks for you

delivered day by day for 5 days in an attractive and inspiring way

with a lovely recipe ebook for each day that you can download and print

a general shopping list if you only want to shop once

daily shopping lists included if you like shopping every day


All you need to do is set your intention and timing, shop, open my first video on the morning you start, and shake up your breakfast with me. 

While you’re shaking I’m also giving you some quick background information so you understand why this works. I’m sure you can plan in 6 to 12 minutes in your morning to do this for yourself. 



What’s so cool about these quick breakfast drinks is


once you get the hang, they only take as long as making a cup of coffee

they are soooo easy, delicious and nutritious

they set your day with sustainable energy and a better mood

you can easily take them on the go, in your car, to the office or a meeting


By the end of this week…


you will already have reduced or even cut out your sweet cravings (this is no fluff!)

you’ll have twice as much energy

you start feeling like eating healthier

you don’t need that much caffeine anymore

you’ll feel like cooking up something fresh in the evening

and your skirt or trousers may feel a bit loser in the waist


Are you ready to feel the difference?

it's free. You got nothing to lose, only weight!