That’s why i want to give you an unforgettable experience and results that “wow!” you

YOUR new body is only 1 vip day away!


What if you could eliminate months -or even years!- of mistakes, failures, frustrations and procrastinations and set up your fastest path to get a few sizes down and your energy up in ONE day? Here’s how we do that in 1, 2, 3!


Fill out the short application form to the side or directly apply for a free decision-making session: we'll discuss what fits best for you and when we can start your experience. 


✗ a rock-solid solution to help you drop a size in 3 weeks (and more after that)

✗ your personal implementation plan to meet your new body image in the time set

✗ to the point inside weight-loss keys that makes you excited to start and stick to the plan

✗ practical know-how and easy recipe skills that helps you save time in your kitchen

✗ a heck of a strong mindset that makes your intentions stick


There’s no better, faster way to get real about results than with me personally in a live setting where everything is set up for an amazing (tasting) experience of a new culinary cuisine and a hands-on crash-course that will bring you the body and energy you’ve been dreaming about.

Living too far away? Virtual VIP Intensives allow you to work with me in person from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your own home. Just ask me.

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A note for you: by applying, you give your explicit consent to gather your information but don’t worry: you can read here why it’s safe with us.

I’m simply astonished what is possible to create, using raw principles.
— Katy Caroan

✘ ONE ON ONE WITH MARIE-CLAIRE | ✘ PRIVATE TAILORED CRASH COURSE | ✘ quick first results that motivate you

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A note for you: by applying, you give us explicit consent to gather your information but don’t worry: you can read here why it’s safe with us.


A VIP weekend with me in my New York City suite gives you the opportunity to be immersed in all the secrets of the art of cooking without fire and dropping a few pounds on the spot! Yep, that’s how fast it goes when you only eat the delish we make together.

Especially when you’re crazy busy, this weekend will delight you as a welcome pause in your business.

I make you feel at home with an aperitif “new style,” introducing you to a world of new tastes. We’re taking it up to a full gourmet experience while we craft your personal plan. 

Fly in and I'll take care of the rest: no headaches for you! As my very special guest, you’ll enjoy your pick up drive and the lovely room that I booked for you. It's on the house! 

You’ll get a boost of new knowledge, to the point insights, the key missing links no one told you about and why you’re still holding on to the love handles.

You will not only walk away with your personal action plan, but also with an intentional vision that we’re keeping “real.” My sophisticated secrets will awaken the creative “cook” in you. Who knew?

Apply now or just book your decision-making call right here if you love the idea of having a short break-away from everything to get results that inspire and motivate.

We appreciate the valuable input you gave to our life during our exciting weekend. We are still working on that scheme and enjoying the benefits.
— Peter Lövgren - CEO - Sweden


✘ A WEEKEND WITH MARIE - CLAIRE |  ✘ chill, learn and bust a few pounds on the spot | ✘ your NYC hotel ROOM on the house


Here’s a special for you if you are crazy busy but want to fit back in a dress size less and boost your energy, fast! A few scenario’s…

✗ You want me to figure out the mistakes you're still making and that keep the weight up

✗ You have no clue how to stay healthy and “do it all” on top of running a business

✗ You're tired of all the teasing junk in your cupboards but don't know how to replace it

✗ You have been dreaming of a kitchen detox & makeover but don’t know where to start

✗ You want a personal chef in the house for a week so you can effortlessly drop that size 

Apply now or schedule your decision-making call right here to define if you want to fly me over for 2, 3 or 5 days.

This formula is ideal when you aren’t sure what hidden mistakes are still making it difficult for you to maintain your desired dress size and want to set up your own kitchen with me for a healthy flow of immediate success.

For now only available in america.

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A note for you: by applying, you give us explicit consent to gather your information but don’t worry: you can read here why it’s safe with us.



✘ 2 to 5 DAYS WITH MARIE-CLAIRE in your own kitchen | ✘ TAILORED SYSTEM FOR YOUR specific needs | ✘ your personal chef