get your sexy energy back by dropping 1 or 2 dress sizes


option 1

create the body & energy you love


are you 1 of the 91% women who is unhappy with her body?

Every week I talk to businesswomen who express the same struggles: they put on 10, 20 pounds that makes them feel sluggish and unattractive. They stop networking, hide behind webinars, turn down speaking engagements. Can you relate?

Imagine for a moment how amazing it would feel if...

✗ You could fit back in a dress size less in the next 30 days

✗ You shed the rest of the belly fat that messes with your favourite clothes and self esteem

✗ You get 3 times more done in a day because you’re not running out of steam

✗ You would feel happy and in sync with your body, confident to show up (and off)  

You know that you need to change something, but there's just not enough time in your day to figure it all out and get it done consistently on top of everything else. 

How easy would it be if you had someone who shows you the exact way to…

⤞ Steer towards your desired body image with a doable map and timeline

⤞ Knock 10 years off your face in 3 weeks

⤞ Create an inspiring cuisine (your workspace) and automate support systems

⤞ Sharpen the saw with tools and techniques that spark your passion

⤞ Assemble your “team,” make partners in crime and tackle social challenges

⤞ Create new habits & routines that support you, even on-the-go

⤞ Make self-care your new time-management tool for living more

⤞ Enjoy eating again while staying in balance

⤞ Keep you accountable


My private coaching program is designed to give you real results with time on our hands to deliver your desired body-transformation & countless feel-good benefits.

Here's what you will get from our conversation

  1. A clear understanding of your resistance to keeping results you get

  2. What will get help you get lasting results, fast

  3. How you can get back in the drivers seat


"..It has been a little over three weeks since we started and these are my results so far: I have lost almost 9 pounds and can fit in my nice clothes easily again– what a relief last night since I had a networking event."

Shailia Stephens, The Virtual Coach




option N°2

styling you from the inside out

Have you noticed how easy it is to invest in your website, in (re)branding, in photoshoots for the right headshots and branding messaging? You want everything to be perfect because you understand the 3-second rule when a visitor lands on your homepage.

Well, that same 3-second rule applies to…


How do you present yourself to the world, to a potential client, to a new business partner? You are your website!

The people who land with you all have the same monkey-brain that scans you in a nano-second. And despite of all your efforts to dress to the nines, it’s not your shoes or Chanel deux-piece that will impress them.


It’s your body underneath that fancy outfit, before you have the time to speak and let your intelligence and life skills take over.

The monkey brain body scan will reveal if you are in a good shape. If you have contagious energy they can tap from. If you’re fit. Healthy. If you’re someone they want to be around.

It will reveal red flags: “She looks tired.” “Hm, a bit out of shape.” “I think she’s sick.”

Because what that means to your potential client is: “She might cancel on me when I need her the most.”

When you pass that body scan, your chances are much higher that you will get the gig. If not, they may have to think about it or pass.

It’s a natural law that no one can escape.

So that’s why we style you from the inside out. Because your health is your little black dress. It’s time to wear it with style!

Little black dress.jpg

Once you get your body together, it gets so easy to own your body language, your confidence! And, let’s not forget: your smashing wardrobe!

With a balanced healthy body, you will always lead with energy -which is so sexy for your ideal clients!-

And then… we add your own personal style to that body you love. That’s right!

I offer the option to go all the way with me!

⤞ We drop down the sizes that hinder your self-esteem, that holds you back in your business and life

⤞ We find the right branding image that turns you into your most powerful client attraction tool

⤞ A makeover will make you look and feel like a million

⤞ We re-style your business and life wardrobe and I teach you how to dress to impress for any occasion

Want to know what this means for you and if it’s the right fit?


“Just 10 months later, I have the energy I had in my 20s! My concentration and focus have improved immensely. I have lost almost 40 pounds and my blood flow is so much better. My joints don’t ache and I got rid of my C-pap machine after a couple months of eating raw.”

Dick Oatts / Saxophone- Professor of Jazz Studies - Jazz musician


"Marie-Claire has taught me techniques to make me strong when the urge to binge comes up, she has helped me stay focused.. All this thanks to the wonderful wonderful Marie-Claire. I know that I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her.”

Ragnhild Nordrum – Norway, "Healthy Happy Mom"

"Marie-Claire taught me how to be gentle with myself and to recover a sense of self and a sense of peace and love for myself. If you’re struggling with energy, with sugar addiction or eating certain foods that make you feel unhappy, then definitely consider talking with Marie-Claire." 

Dolores Hirschmann, TEDx Organizer