Shailia Stephens

The Virtual Coach




“This is a long love letter … get ready … So, here’s where the story begins: as entrepreneurs we can get so focused on our professional mission, goals and tasks that we lose track of other things that make our lives so worth living, such as having a healthy body, feeling beautiful and full of vitality. This happened to me.

In the last two years I was so focused on performing and attaining professional success, that I lost touch with my body and what I was fuelling it with. The good news is that I was practicing self-care and getting daily exercise. The bad news is that I was eating A LOT of crap and drinking alcohol in the evenings to comfort myself after each workday. As a result I gained 15 pounds and started to lose confidence about how I looked in pictures and in videos. I began to hate taking/shooting them because I did not want to see this person staring back at me I did not recognize.

Thank goodness I pushed through and did them anyway. I categorized this food and drink as PLEASURE that I surely deserved. When in fact, I deserve SO MUCH MORE than that. I deserve to tank up on the purest energy that comes directly from the sun to the plants. I deserve the best ingredients that nature has to offer. I deserve to feel amazing on the inside and out. I deserve to feel good about my choices. And that is exactly how I have begun to feel working with Marie-Claire Hermans.

It has been a little over three weeks since we started and these are my results so far: I have lost almost 9 pounds and can fit in my nice clothes easily again– what a relief last night since I had a networking event. My skin has cleared up and looks more glowing – for a long while I was looking so sallow and washed out. Now I know that it was because the “dead” look was from the “dead” food I was putting in my mouth all day long. My body is vibrating on the cellular level - it almost feels like getting universal confirmation for hours at a time.

Inside it feels cooler, like my body temperature has fundamentally changed. I am having fun in the kitchen “un-cooking” - it has become a daily ritual and creative activity and I am ecstatically enjoying the process of learning which foods to eat and how to prepare. You have to know you could never find me in the kitchen before as I “don’t cook”. Well, now I un-cook and am really good at it. Despite the detox headaches and emotions that come up since I am no longer stuffing them down with junky foods, I am having important breakthroughs. And I am just so proud of my progress in this short time.

I can only imagine what the next two months of coaching will bring. My return exceeded my investment in week one. So, dearest Marie-Claire, thank you for loving and supporting me with your brilliance. I honour your journey, your ideas and your valuable work tremendously. And I am so grateful that you are sharing your RAW FOOD brownies (metaphorically and literally – they were so yummy!!) with me.

The world needs you in a big way. So please, keep on doing what you do in the exact way you do it. You are an inspiration to me and you are making waves much further than you can possibly imagine. Just one example is André who you know is doing this with me – just the green smoothies and some small changes for him – but he reported to me this morning that he has shed 16 lbs. and his blood sugar was at its lowest ever and he is sleeping much, much better. Can you believe it?!? And other friends and relative are trying your recipes that I am sharing and asking questions about the lifestyle.

You are making a difference in this world Marie-Claire. Thank you. I love you kidred spirit. Your progressing student,


Shailia Stephens,

The Virtual Coach, Germany

P.S.: “Compare these photos (day 1 at 73 Kilos – after 3 weeks at 70 kilos – after 6 weeks at 67 kilos) … don’t just look at the chub, notice the skin, the wrinkles, the glow ;.) Woo hoo!”