Dolores Hirschmann

Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer, TEDx Organizer 

Darthmouth, MA

Marie-Claire taught me how to be gentle with myself and to recover a sense of “Self,” a sense of peace and love for myself.



"Little by little she introduced different strategies and different foods, different recipes that to this day, I’m still using. Her recipes are un-believable!"

I came from pre-diabetic, overweighed, constantly tired and stressed.

"I have been a client of Marie Claire for over 4 years. It has been a life changing experience. I came from being pre-diabetic, overweighed, constantly tired and stressed to vibrant health and being a high performer in my everyday life! My blood work is consistently great thanks to Marie Claire’s guidance and inspiration. 

I highly recommend Marie-Claire and I do to all my friends who now want to know how my life and health has changed so much!"


Douglas Purviance

Grammy Winning Producer and Jazz Musician,

Orchestra Manager, published Author 

New York


Hyacinth jones

Strength & inner-Leadership Consultant - Life & Parenting Coach - Mechelen - Belgium

I was struck by the incredible ability she has to think with me through the big, bold, ambitious dreams and how she is able to help me create an immediate plan of action.

"After spending time with the genuine, high energy, fun loving, and pragmatic Marie-Claire Hermans, I came to understand that I was indeed an expert in my field of business without daring to believe it before."

Just 10 months later, I have the energy I had in my 20s!

“Marie-Claire has tailor-fit a new style of food intake to insure that I can at least give it my best shot. She has been amazingly supportive and through her experience, knowledge and website, I am never alone or on my own totally. She is always there for guidance.”

“Just 10 months later, I have the energy I had in my 20s. My concentration and focus have improved immensely. I have lost almost 40 pounds and my blood flow is so much better. My joints don’t ache and I got rid of my C-pap machine a couple months of eating raw. I have found that Eating Raw is not just a diet but a way of life.”


dick oatts on soprano.jpg


Dick Oatts

Saxophone, Professor of Jazz Studies

Boyer College of Music & Dance Temple University, Philadelphia, PA


Katy Caroan

Executive coach & Digital Coach, Mentor

Sweden & Silicon Valley


"Six months down the road, I feel SO much more energized, I have assumed a partly raw journey, I get SO much more done during the day, I can travel more than in the past and without being exhausted. I feel that I can bring energy to my clients, which is really high value so I can help them, inspire them and make sure they take action."

This is a long love letter...

"..The world needs you in a big way. So please, keep on doing what you do in the exact way you do it. You are an inspiration to me and you are making waves much further than you can possibly imagine. Just one example is André who you know is doing this with me – just the green smoothies and some small changes for him – but he reported to me this morning that he has shed 16 lbs. And his blood sugar was at its lowest ever and he is sleeping much, much better.

Can you believe it?!? And other friends and relative are trying your recipes that I am sharing and asking questions about the lifestyle."



Shailia Stephens

The Virtual Coach



Anke VerhulsT

Hypno Birthing Expert


I feel, vibrant, sexy, ALIVE!

"I started working with Marie-Claire to lose weight, but I got so much more in return. Not only did I lose 8 kilos (16 pounds) already, I continue to lose weight without restricting my food intake. In fact I feel I have more choice than ever." 

"Clothes that haven’t fit in years, fit perfectly. I have a new, different kind of energy and need a lot less sleep. I feel vibrant, alive and sexy. The results I already achieved in such a short period (3 months) make it easier and easier to choose for taking care of myself.“

A very unique given...

Marie-Claire helped me to make my business visible and grow. Her incredibly creative ideas, her knowledge about marketing, her enthusiasm and her passionate drive gave me an enormous professional boost and tons of inspiration. 

Marie-Claire is an all-round woman who knows how to perfectly combine her extended expertise in the field of healthy nutrition AND business in her coaching and that is a very unique given.


Martine Hulsmans

Reflecting Light - Healing consultant

Hasselt, Belgium


Ragnhild Nordrum

A Healthy Happy Mom


My cravings for binge-food are all gone!


“Marie-Claire has taught me techniques to make me strong when the urge to binge comes up, she has helped me stay focused, and I have learned how I can help myself- not just with food, but with everything in life.”

“All this thanks to the wonderful wonderful Marie-Claire. Her energy and kindness makes her so easy to talk with and to trust, and she has so much knowledge. I’m so grateful for having her in my life. I know that I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her.”