Martine After

Martine After

Martine Before

Martine Before


Martine Hulsmans

Reflecting Light - Healing consultant

Hasselt, Belgium



Almost my whole life I struggled with my weight and food, resulting in the well-known jojo-effect. Ten years ago I started a coaching and healing practice on the side. Since this focus confronted me with what I still had to resolve for myself and my health –or better said: the lack of health-, I started paying more attention to my nutrition. Yet, I didn’t succeed in losing weight nor could I find a healthy eating pattern that was a fit without going on “another diet”. After all my previous –unsuccessful- attempts, I knew that I didn’t want that anymore. 


Beginning 2015, the urge to eat healthy became very strong but I didn’t know anymore what I could eat or not eat to feel well and to lose my excess weight. Also: I had no idea how to step into the world with my practice and make it successful. 

In July 2015 I read an extensive interview in the magazine ‘Change’ about Marie-Claire. I contacted her eagerly and curiously for an exploring conversation. My intuition said that raw food could be the solution for me. Normally, Marie-Claire only works with entrepreneurs with a busy schedule but because I was so driven to follow her program and moreover needed some inspiration to grow my business, I stepped into her 6-month program in August 2015. 

That was a very important decision and the first step to a huge transformation in my life. Under her professional and enthusiastic guidance, I learned step by step how to change my eating habits and eating living plant based foods became a new lifestyle. 

After ONE week, my cravings for sugar were gone, I didn’t feel the need to take a nap after lunch and my joints became noticeably smooth. Sometimes I smile when I say that my body sings when I eat raw, but that’s how it feels. 

In the meantime I’m weighing 13 kg less, I went from size 46 to size 40 in 7 months time and my body has never been as healthy and energized as it is now

On top of all that, Marie-Claire helped me to make my business visible and grow. Her incredibly creative ideas, her knowledge about marketing, her enthusiasm and her passionate drive gave me an enormous professional boost and tons of inspiration. 

Marie-Claire is an all-round woman who knows how to perfectly combine her extended expertise in the field of healthy nutrition AND business in her coaching and that is a very unique given.