Your Reality

Your reality as an expert can be quite challenging.

The last thing you need is another ball up in the air. Or in other words:


it's tough to

When your plate is FULL


Most professionals don't give their daily food routine much thought: they tank up at Starbucks, pour down thoughtless coffee, dig into a donut on their way to the office, eat a sad sandwich in front of their computer, pour down more caffeine to keep going, stop at the takeout for a slice of pizza or push a pre-packaged meal into the microwave, fall asleep in front of the television after chilling with too much alcohol, then toss and turn in bed until sunrise. How many pounds did you gain since you started your business?


Did you know that you make about 200 food-related decisions in a day? Imagine for a moment the impact of all this distraction on your productivity, your focus, your cravings. Imagine how much time you could free up if you could cut down 90% of the thoughts that consume your clarity.  


If this rings any bells, it means that it’s time for change.

But how? And what exactly


Change sounds great… you’re a go-getter after all and in for the entrepreneurial adventure.


But in reality, change feels uncomfortable. Especially when it involves your most enjoyed source of comfort: your beloved food. And you’re programmed to avoid that confrontation at all costs.



But here’s what it comes down to:

You’ll never be able to expand the unique talent, aspirations and dreams you have to their full potential unless…




Burning out from too much passion is not uncommon. It makes many experts feel stuck, trapped, exhausted, insecure and hopeless and look for quick fixes to keep going. But quick fixes are what they promise and you can’t create long-term results with a short-term vision.


You know the quick fixes. They may be on your desk right now. 


✘  A hot cup of coffee to pick you up.

✘  A sweet soft drink for a sugar rush.

✘  A box of fine Belgium chocolates to cut the stress.

✘  A pill for your next headache, a pill to keep the edge off, a pill to get focus.

✘  A supplement for a kick of energy, one for extra proteins, one for more vitamins and minerals.




The hardest part of the day in the life of an entrepreneur is not: organizing their day, it’s not: planning their activities, it’s not: coaching or mentoring all day long, it’s not: creating new programs or a keynote through every meal, it’s not even attending meeting after meeting.


It’s when you get home after work, when you walk through the door, wondering where you’ll get the energy to make dinner. The frustration of feeling exhausted, mentally drained, on the tips of your toes at the moment you want to do what you love doing with your time, is discouraging. Your desire to live that ideal lifestyle you’re working for is no way near the poor quality life you are living right now. 


What you want

is the energy to dive into your kitchen and make a glorious healthy meal. You want energy to go out with your friends, take your family to the theatre, to join a hot yoga class, to workout at the gym and after that, curl up on your couch with a good book. You want the energy to enjoy living your ideal lifestyle.  



Maybe you gave up believing that it's


Eating a healthy breakfast every morning without hurrying

Not overeating at lunch because you’re hungry as hell and all you had was coffee

Feeling energized all day long without overdosing on caffeine

Not craving sweets and junk food anymore

Losing overweight and keeping it off without getting stressed over counting calories

Not apologizing for your weight anymore

Feeling like yourself again and not like your sluggish “stand-in” 

Revamping your lifestyle and being consistent with it

Sticking to your healthy choices, even when you’re not at home

Feeling confident about how you look in your videos and on stage

Getting home earlier because you’re more productive in your day

Having energy at the end of a business day to spend quality time with your loved ones

Not being too tired to cook up fresh meals

Enjoying your pure delish without any guilt

Feeling like moving again

Skipping the late night alcohol for comfort

Sleeping like a baby and feeling rested when you wake up

Looking younger and feeling amazing every day 


What you need

Here’s what works when you are busy as crazy but you know that you need to change the way you eat and live.



A business plan for your health


A doable plan with a purpose.

A new vision that includes you and your wellbeing in the first place. 

Strategies to kick start your health and cash the first results.

Inspiring support systems that got your back.

Resources that you can always return to.

A database of exciting knowledge, wisdom, tools, tactics, techniques.

Smart organization for busy schedules

Time saving shortcuts to success


Energy coordinates all aspects in life. This is why I don’t believe in diets: they only focus on food, on calorie intake, the number on your scale. We want so much more for you! A kickass relationship with your food, your work, your life and yourself.



If you were waiting for next Monday, for the end of a launch or the closure of your next event to start taking care of yourself, you may never start. There’s always a next big thing in the life of an entrepreneur. There’s no “right time” to get your optimal health started. Your time is now. 


Now is the right time to review your diet, create healthy habits and make the changes you need to restore, rejuvenate and recharge yourself fully. 


If you fantasize hourly about curling up under your desk for a cat nap, or find that your brain is foggier than the Golden Gate Bridge at rush hour, I have some good news and bad news for you.



tap into more energy, more productivity, and more focus than you’ve ever experienced before?




Not ready yet to take a leap? That’s ok. You can