Food is a language. How many different languages is your team speaking? The language of fatigue, sluggishness and too many sick days: junk food on their desk during lunch, more crap during breaks, coffee all day long?

The language of crash diets that deprive them, make them crave all day and lose focus? Or do they work in the land of Babylon when they’re all on different diets, having trouble to understand each other?


How does that work for their focus and team spirit? 


Your team is as strong as its weakest link. Often times that link gets weaker because of its low energy levels, limiting belief systems and poor health choices. 


 What if you could minimize the amount of sick days in your company? 

✘ What would it mean to your businesses’ revenue if your team could double and triple its productivity and happiness levels on the floor? 

✘ What difference would it make to your free time when your team ticks off all the boxes of your to do list?


Here’s how we can improve the spirit, focus and energy of your team.


A fun, animated and inspiring way to build a winning team by gathering in a kitchen of your choice, cook up and taste cool food that bonds and delights the spirit. Making healthy choices is so much easier when your team members or staff are “partners in crime”, when they feel the support of the group they spend most of their time with in their day, a united mind that promotes a healthy lifestyle and the empowering feeling: “I can do this!”

Perfect for small teams up to 15 people.


Empower your entire company –staff included- to make healthier choices so they feel more energized, can get more done in a day, and still have the energy to do what they love doing in the evening at home.

They will get the insider secrets of how to change their mind around self-care and food, how to double their energy in one week and how to get back in the luxurious drivers seat of a healthy, smoothly thriving body.


Enroll your company in a live or online training program that will teach them how to double their energy levels in 30 days. We are gathering once a week via a live streamed webcast or a live setting, they will receive a plan that’s laid out for them with a weekly goal, the done for them recipes and shopping lists. And because it’s about teamwork:

they will be part of their very own online community hub to share their experiences, results, challenges and personal wins.