Katy Caroan

Executive Coach & Digital Coach, Mentor

Sweden & Silicon Valley


“I’m not chasing pounds or kilo’s. I’m chasing my energy levels.”


“When I met Marie-Claire I didn’t know what raw food was. In fact, I thought it was boring. What I knew was, that I didn’t have the energy that I needed to work with these exciting clients and keep up with them

What I learned from talking to her then was, that it starts in the head, with the mindset. I understood quickly that she could help me with my relationship with food and addressing some of the key things that were holding myself back in my business. 

Now, six months down the road, I feel SO much more energized, I have assumed a partly raw journey, I get SO much more done during the day, I can travel more than in the past and without being exhausted. I feel that I can bring energy to my clients, which is really high value so I can help them, inspire them and make sure they take action. 

Marie-Claire has taught me so much about my mindset and she brings it in a fashion where I learn how to do it in an elegant way. Raw food is great food and tastes so well. All my love to Marie-Claire to help me switch my mindset and my relationship to food. Oh and those 20 kilo’s? They’re NOT coming back!