Dolores Hirschmann

Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer

TEDx Organizer -

Darthmouth, MA


“I’m Dolores from and I wanna tell you a little about what it looks like to be coached by Marie-Claire. 

I worked with Marie-Claire about 2 or 1,5 year ago and at the time I was about 40 or 30 pounds over my weight. I was tired, I was constantly struggling managing how much sugar I had –I definitely had a sugar addiction-, I had thyroid issues, so I was all kind of a rollercoaster of a mess and I was just unhappy in my body. I was doing really well in my life and my business but I wasn’t comfortable in my body.

Marie-Claire taught me how to be gentle with myself and to recover a sense of self and a sense of peace and love for myself. 



Little by little she introduced different strategies and different foods, different recipes that to this day, I’m still using. Simple things, like lemon in the morning that makes you feel great. Or like: instead of having pasta, just shred spaghetti of zucchini, and I also had sauce to that. Little things like that and her recipes are un-believable! 

I was lucky to work with Marie-Claire during the summer so I had the choices of fresh vegetables.

I just want to say that if you’re struggling with energy, if you’re struggling with sugar addiction or eating certain foods that pick you up but don’t leave you feeling happy and nourished, then definitely consider talking with Marie-Claire. 

She is gentle and she is knowledgeable but she will also hold you to your vision and will gently guide you to where you need to go. 


So Marie-Claire, it was a gift to work with you and I miss you and I send you all my love.”