Anke Verhulst

Hypno Birthing Expert



“I feel vibrant, sexy, alive.”

“After baby number 2 I had a difficult time losing the baby kilo’s. I had already tried weight watchers, restricting my food intake, exercising, trying raw food on my own … Nothing seemed to stick. As soon as I made progress I sabotaged myself and I gave up so I ended back where I started (or worse). 

Together with Marie-Claire I got passed my inner saboteur. Does that mean I eat 100% raw food? No, but I know how to (easily!) get back on track. 

I started working with Marie-Claire to lose weight, but I got so much more in return. Not only did I lose 8 kgs already, I continue to lose weight without restricting my food intake. In fact I feel I have more choice than ever. Raw food isn’t about restricting at all. I feel lighter every day and that feels fantastic. My skin feels baby soft and is glowing. Friends and colleagues are starting to comment on how good I look. Clothes that haven’t fit in years, fit perfectly. I have a new, different kind of energy and need a lot less sleep. I feel vibrant, alive and sexy. The results I already achieved in such a short period (3 months) make it easier and easier to choose for taking care of myself. 

Marie-Claire is kind, passionate and truly walks her talk. She knows all about raw food. She really speaks from experience and you can feel it in everything she does. She is a pleasure to work with. 

We talked food, thoughts, mindset, business, … all that is necessary to move forward. I would recommend Marie-Claire to everyone and I look forward to continue working with her. So if you are in need for energy, want to know about how raw food can upgrade your life … Marie-Claire can help you.”