Who's On Your Wellbeing Team?

Would you agree when I say that we entrepreneurs are wired differently? We don't sit and wait for something to happen, we take action, we take the lead and yes, we do things as we please.

It's part of our ideal lifestyle to do what we love doing.

It does feel great to be able to depend on ourselves, right? 

Well uhm...

Even if taking personal responsibility is an excellent skill to achieve your goals, you may be missing out on better and faster results by doing things alone.

Being in charge doesn't mean you have to do everything by yourself. I'm talking a little bit to myself here, too. I'm just like you! But... I've learned. 

I've learned to reach out for help, even when I don't always want to because I have felt the difference when I do... I feel embraced, guided in the process, affirmed in my thoughts and actions, kept accountable. Resulting in finding a solution quicker than I would have by myself, feeling supported, accelerating the growth of seeded thoughts. 

You may know by now how I love taking systems I implement in my business, give them a twist and bring them on as self-mastery systems. I don't know about you but starting my business changed my mindset completely: I'm always looking how to support myself in my growth, looking for ways to delegate tasks I don't like doing and outsource what I'm not good at.

For instance: I simply can't wrap my mind around around the complexity of taxes, so I invest in an accountant who loves doing that. Since last year, I hired a gardener who is cutting the lawn every two weeks: a job I resented doing because I could write or shoot some videos in that time, serve a few clients. Slowly but steadily I started building a small team in my business that makes a difference and that creates the space and freedom for me to focus on what matters. What I first resented -getting help from others- now feels amazing! I want more and if you're on the same page with me, I know you do too!

But when it comes down to your self-care and creating the wealth-feeling of health, you may be dropping the ball and still be on your own. 

How you surround and support yourself, how your environment looks and acts like will define your success levels in your wellbeing. So here's my question to you:

Who's on your wellbeing team?


  • Who has done it before you and have you been following for a while?
  • Who made all the mistakes so you don't have to anymore? 
  • Who do you trust so you feel safe?
  • Who will cheer you on when you're facing a challenge?
  • Who keeps you accountable when you're not following through with your decisions?
  • Who can give you all the shortcuts so you don't have to figure it all out by yourself?
  • Who can create results faster than you expected?
  • Who can keep you on track?
  • Who can help you build a strong body you feel great and confident about?

Surrounding yourself with a professional self-care team will help you to stay on course with your most important project: the project "YOU." 

Here's a great exercise to find out who can support you in that journey;

  • Take a sheet of paper and a marker
  • Draw a circle in the middle: that's you
  • Now draw circles around you and name them: those are your caring team members
    • A personal shopper: someone who does all the grocery shopping
    • A coach/mentor: who teaches, inspires and motivates
    • A personal chef: someone who prepares food 1, 2 or 3 times a week
    • A personal trainer: someone who makes you dig deeper to keep moving
    • ...

How can you make it doable to keep committing to making healthy choices, every day? 

Download the template I made for you here, fill it out and build your high performance team!

Let's get the discussion going: post your comments, thoughts, questions below. Wanna talk how to expand your full potential? I'm only one click away...