How To Start Your Day Energized

So, how DO you feel? Are you showing up the way you want to? What would make you feel better if you would make it a habit?

Taking care of your sweet self is an act of love. It takes...

  • time
  • effort
  • energy

and you may not have any of them. To-do lists belong to your arsenal of strengths. They fill up your whole day, every day. "Taking care of myself? When?!" 

How to change the belief system that there's no time for the most important project in your life? You? By making a change at the root of your day: your morning. Got 15 minutes? 

No? Well, then you don't have a life. So, free up those 15 minutes as a start to set a different tone for your day. A tone that will energize you, make you wanna love yourself more again, and wanna double up this time frame because it becomes you so well during the rest of your day. 

Let's start in the bathroom and build up your morning routine. It's simple. Set a timer in your bathroom, pick a few of the things I do in my morning and get going with them. 

How you start your day will define your vibe, your mood, your energy levels, your focus, your productivity, your decisions. Here are my best practices. You can build it up step by step or give yourself 7 days in a row to observe the difference. Your choice.

  1. VISUALISE. When I wake up, I take 5 minutes in the coziness of my bed to think about my ideal outcome of the day. I visualise how it will look like, how I want to feel and have accomplished at the end of my day. With that vision, I'm set to do what it takes but also, how to build in me-time and take care of myself. This is also the time I sum up for myself what I'm grateful for. Often simple things, things I take for granted, but they make a difference in the tone of my mood and service-modus. It's easier to give when you know what you have. 

  2. OIL PULLING. First thing when I get to the bathroom is, taking 1 or 2 tsp of coconut oil in my mouth and swish it around for the next 20 minutes. You can start with 10 to get used to it. In the meantime you can do anything: make your bed, exercise, brush your skin... Those 20 minutes are gone before you know it. You'll remove all bacteria and viruses out of your mouth, your teeth will brighten up (no whiteners needed anymore), your gums will heal, get strong and perfectly pink, your health will improve as a healthy mouth has effect on the whole body. Oh, and your skin becomes softer, cracked heals included. When your time is up, spit out in a garbage can or bag (oil clogs up the sink), rinse your mouth with water , then brush your teeth. Smile in the mirror. Yep; shiny! 

  3. SKIN BRUSHING. A perfect way to wake up your metabolism, to detox, to get rid of dead skin cells, soften up and put the glow on, to strengthen delicate skin. Get that lymph moving! Full body done in about 3 minutes. This is how you do it the right way.

  4. TIME FOR EXERCISING! For a long time I resisted doing exercises after I healed because it confronted me with my new limits. Plus; I love the adventure of sports, but please don't bore me with exercises. So I needed to find a way out of my resistance.

    1. I found that by doing 50 squats (and building up to 100 in one setting) while oil pulling (I'm a practical gal). It only takes a few minutes but it's very effective. It builds a strong core, strong legs and knees, strong back muscles. Every time I go to the toilet during my day, I add a series of 10. A very easy habit under 30 seconds that adds up nicely every day...

    2. I love exercises that are short but effective. Planking is one like that: holding your body in the plank position for 1 minute equals about a 30 minute workout (if I'm right, could be more). Start with 30 seconds for a few days, add another 30 every 2 days until you can hold up a few minutes. Tighten your core and butt, keep breathing. Another easy in-between hour breaks that stretch your health.

    3. Rebounding is the healthiest and most lymph-stimulating exercise. Plus it's fun! No rebounder in the house? Take a rope. Or do 10, 20, 30 Jumping Jacks. They are named after Jack Lalanne, the first trainer in The States who dedicated his life to making women at home move more.

  5. FACIAL EXERCISES. Oh, I love these! I started doing them when I discovered Jack Lalanne. Take Jack to your bathroom and enjoy his no-nonsense approach: "Use it or lose it!" Same goes for your facial muscles: use them, make silly faces in the mirror, laugh at yourself (raises the good feel hormones). You'll see the first results within a week. The hell with plastic surgery and botox! 

  6. FACIAL MASSAGE. If you want to look young while ageing, you have to keep your blood moving through your head. Some firm massage every morning helps with that. Put some coconut oil on your hands and massage your face, starting from the chin-neck line upwards: you will lift your face in only a few minutes. You can find several massage techniques here to pick a few favourites from or to apply fully. 

  7. SHOWER. Your shower will feel twice as good after this daily routine; you're flushing away all the toxins you released through your skin. Now, if you're really courageous: after a nice and warm shower switch to cold. If you can't take it on your body at first, start with your feet and lower legs, then work your way up. You'll stimulate your blood flow and feel warm and ready for your day!

  8. DRESS UP. Now I know, you may be working from home, enjoying the possibility of working with your PJ's on the bottom and a sweater on top for when you're coaching but common, how does that make you feel (except for maybe comfortable)? The first rule for creating a million dollar business is feeling like a million dollar. I never ever fail to dress up for my day, be it in my home office, even when I'm not seen. I can see me. I can feel me. I want to own my business and can't do that when I'm shuffling around in PJ's or joggings and flip flops. I'm not saying that you have to be a fashionista, but just make yourself beautiful so you feel good and confident about yourself. Why not wear those new trousers today? Put your favourite neckless on. Put the glow on. It matters in the way you show up. 

Get started with a few of my habits and build your own routine. Start with 15 minutes. Get used to taking care of yourself. You'll love it and will want more. 

Share your own suggestions, habits and routines below in the comments. Or let's talk about what you would like to change.

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