Why weight gain crashes your self-confidence


How many pounds did you gain since you started your business?

It's a general issue for entrepreneurs: gaining unwanted weight and not being able to get rid of it. Even if you've "tried everything", you're hopping from diet to diet, eating less, counting calories, sitting on your hunger, using your "willpower" but never felt this "un-disciplined",... your body decides to hold on to its love handles. 

Frustrating, right?

Being successful at keeping your body well shaped is more than being focused on losing weight; it's also about understanding what's blocking your desired results, what your body is doing all by itself without you, knowing what it's up to. 

Last week I started doing a series of 5 reasons why you're still not losing the weight, despite all your eager efforts. I started at reason °5 (love the Chanel vibe of it), and I'm going backwards towards the most important reveal. 

Watch the replay of my Facebook live (Sorry for my my stack of books) where you will learn more about :


"You're not taking out the trash."

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