How To Beat The Flu Fast



Forget about the flu-shot: I have something way better for you that doesn’t compromise your health!

Who wants all the risks that come with the chemicals and heavy metals in those vaccins, right?

Moreover, did you know that the flu vaccin is grown on eggs? When you’re allergic to eggs like me, you’re in trouble when they inject that into your veins.

That said, we all know that the flu always hits when it's the less convenient. The longer you stay undercover, the more clients you need to cancel, the more money you lose. You can’t afford that when you lead a business, nor when you’re traveling to speak, or when you have an event to run.

So let me share my healing protocol with you, starting with my magic drink.

This drink has saved many a$$es overnight: from world class musicians who couldn't skip concerts on tours to business coaches with back to back clients.

You can make this drink even in a hotel room.

I know, I know; you need a blender but did you know that every hotel has a blender in their kitchen these days? Just ask and it is given. Or ask the kitchen staff to make your magic drink.

Print out the recipe here for them. And if they’re smart, they may want to include this in their services in the future :)


🍋 Juice 4 lemons and 3 limes (immune boost)

🍋 Juice 1 orange or (pink) grapefruit (for more vitamin C and a natural sweetener)

🍋 Pour into blender

🍋 Add your anti-biotic: 3 cloves of garlic (remove the heart for better digestion & less after breath smell)

🍋 Throw in a big handful of parsley or cilantro (strong cleansers)

🍋 Add a chunk of fresh ginger (at least 1 inch/2cm), double is better (immune boost and better digestion)

🍋 Add 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne (anti-inflammatory), double up if you can take it hot (more instant effect)

🍋 If you have chlorella or a good green powder, add a few scoops (optional but helps push out toxins)

🍋 Blend until smooth

🍋 For every cup, blend in 1 TBSP of raw local honey (anti-bacterial and sweetener)

Vegan option: blend 1 date per cup as a sweetener

⤞ Strain through a sieve (or a coffee filter if you’re in a hotel room) to remove all the pulp so it goes straight to the blood stream: more immediate effect

⤞ Gobble down asap to get the most out of its nutritional value (within 15 minutes)


✗ Feel relief within hours

✗ Open up your stuffed nostrils within minutes if you’re bold enough to pour it down in 1 setting

✗ Halve your healing curve

Consistency is king. Drink this 3 times a day until healed!

Ok, you’re set up for the initial shortcut of your healing.

But that’s not all. I want to give you the full scoop of how you support your body all the way. The magic drink is a must-do to speed up the process. But when you add any of the next perks, I promise you will feel the extra benefits!

But first… deep breath in… how bad as it may feel: it’s “just” a flu! And I’m about to give you even more magic to get you up and running again in a few days. Keep reading!



  1. You can’t heal without energy!

Wondering why you feel like a worthless cloth when you are sick? It’s essential for you to understand that a healing process takes a LOT of energy. Your body is gathering all the energy it has to go through the healing crisis.

The less energy you have, the longer it takes to get to the other side of any ailment or illness you have.

So your number one task is to equip your body with the right tools to leverage the little energy it has at that moment.

That brings us the second insight you need.

2. Bad digestion equals poor energy

The heavier and crappier your food, the longer your body has to work on breaking everything down, absorb what it needs and pushing the waste out via all its cleansing filters. This process can take up to more than 8 hours and robs you from your precious energy. When you have stomach issues, you know what I mean.

Which leads us to the last but not least of understanding the process that keeps you from healing fast.

3. The “You gotta eat!” myth

You heard it. You said it. You did it. You slurped chicken broths, chewed on bloody red steaks, spooned up fortified dairy products and who knows what more… despite of all the good intentions of loved ones or what you were taught: your body is too sick to digest all that sh!t!

Grandma’s chicken broth can comfort you, no doubt. But it won’t heal you. Why?

Your body is shutting down: it wants and needs complete rest to send its energy to the right places.

That includes a rest from food. A body simply doesn’t have the energy to go through that long process AND heal on top of that.

That’s why it stops sending out “hunger” signals. So that you won’t eat and allow your body to take that energy to heal itself. Ignore that signal and you just signed up for the full flu scoop of 7 to 14 days.

⤞ Instead, drink LOADS of spring water to stay well hydrated (fever dehydrates), to flush out toxins and to speed up the healing process.

⤞ Fasting on water or/and green juices during your sick days is your fastest path to feeling better. Look at it as the well needed detox you planned in spring but have been postponing because you were too busy.

Don’t worry about not getting enough nutrients: my magic drink is boosting your immune system, and the green juices provide more nutrients than you can possibly get from chicken broth and red steak together.



Enzymes are the catalysts of your energy: they speed up all processes in the body. Especially the digestion process needs support when you’re used to eating cooked foods; heat above 118°F/48°C kills off all enzymes.

That means that your body doesn’t have the essential digestive enzymes for instance, to break down your food. So the body will take those enzymes from the “bank account” you were born with.

You know what happens to your account when you never deposit money: you end up at zero and in debt. Same for your body. Start depositing organic, plant based alive enzymes.

The more enzymes you can add to your healing machine, the more energy you get and the quicker you can go through the healing crisis.

⤞ Multiply the recommended dosis of alive enzymes to a therapeutic dosis when you’re sick.

Don’t worry: you can’t overdose on enzymes. In effective alternative cancer treatments, patients take up to over 300 capsules of pancreatic enzymes a day to fight cancer and protect the liver.

With the flu, take 3 times 10 capsules a day to generate more energy that your body can apply for healing.

The enzymes will break down food you didn’t digest before you got sick and what you are trying to eat during, break down toxins and remove the waste.


Fever is scary! I’m the type that gets right into the high ranges, so I know. But suppressing fever with a pil as soon as it starts going up, is not a best practice.

Fever has a vital function when you are sick. It’s part of an effective immune response as some parts of the immune system work better at a higher temperature. It means that your body is strengthening the resistance to infection : that’s a good thing. Suppressing that process too soon with pils doesn’t serve you.

Nevertheless, you don’t want to exceed the risky danger limit of 105°F/40°C.

But it’s a long way to Tipperary before you get there. Here’s how you can lower your fever when it’s going up to the higher ranges in a very effective way without disturbing its healing function.

  1. Cool off with a lukewarm bath or shower

  2. Don’t cover up too warm with extra blankets: keep it cool so your fever doesn’t go crazy

  3. A towel with cold water or an ice bag on your (for)head does wonders

  4. Drinking hot tea cools down the body

  5. Fasting on water, herbal infusions and green juice with celery & cucumber keep you cooler

  6. A water enema is a very effective fever killer, takes care of pain (headache, muscle pain)

PREzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzERVE YOUR ENERGY!

Maybe one of the most ignored ways of healing: you’re not sleeping enough because you ain’t got time to lay down.

You understand by now that the less energy you have, the longer it takes to heal. So, preserve it well.

Sleep is essential to restore your undermined functions, plus you are not using up more energy than you can miss right now.

I see so many businesswomen keep running around to keep the business going, to follow through with clients and meetings, not realizing that all this busyness causes their infection to get worse, their fever to go up and make them crash twice as long than is needed after fighting for days.

Allow yourself to take off, cancel everything, stop beating yourself up for doing that. Your body is telling you to slow down. Take its wise advice.

⤞ Lay down and sleep off the fever, the pain, the headaches, the guilt.

⤞ Make sure to go to bed by 10pm the latest. Between 10pm and 2am, you will produce your much needed restoring growth hormone and the hormones that secure deep sleep that heals. Cell repair is at its highest at night and you can’t make up that time during the day.


Nothing as annoying and nagging as the typical “flu-headache!” So energy and mood-consuming! Here’s how to curve that one in about 5 minutes. That’s faster than any seltzer can do for you!

🍋 Juice 1/2 a lemon in a glass

🍋 Stir in 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of fine Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt

🍋 Don’t be a wussy and just gobble it down, rinse with water. In 5 minutes you will be glad you did :)

After 1 to a few minutes, you may first feel how the headache gets worse (like in: “OMG, what did I do?!), go with that pain flow for a moment because it will get worse before it gets better: before you know it you’ll feel how the pain fades away. Aaaah….

(By the way: this works like a champ for migraines!)

Now you can finally fall asleep…


It can be rough: being sick without your trusted chicken broth for the very first time. Let’s take care of that too, shall we?

I LOVE making this instant soother for a painful scratchy throat. Plus it’s such a comforter when you’re feeling sorry about yourself :)

Make a hot tea of:

🌿 A few fresh twigs of sage, rosemary and thyme (as in the song)

🌿 Stir in a big scoop of raw local honey (this is not vegan), to fight all bacteria in your throat

🌿 Put your hands around your big mug, pull up your legs on the couch and sip away in all quiet

Such a relieving, flavourful tea that you can enjoy all day long. Bye bye scratchy, burning pain and yearning!


Download the recipe of my magic drink with shopping list here. Remember: when you’re sick, your only full time job is to heal, that’s it.

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