Why Keeping Things Easy In Your Kitchen Keeps You Small In Your Business

When you keep doing things easy "because" they're "easy", this post is for you. 

Admitted: we all like "easy." I teach my darling clients how to automate the systems we build so that they can commit to making healthy meals and it becomes just as easy as eating crap in the past. But we connect all they set up to intention, purpose, vision, self-love and worth. 

I know it's "easy" to come out of your office, pick up the phone and call the Italian to let him deliver your ready-to-indulge pizza. It's "easy" to park your car in the take-out, open your window and take in the tray with hamburgers and French fries.

Hey, I've had my share of "easy" when I had to raise my 2 children by myself, work day and night to pay the bills. Even as a vegetarian I was bying the prepackaged "healthy" veggie burgers and soy products when I had no time to cook from scratch. It was... easy. 

But where did it bring me? To the edge of death. 

What you may experience as "easy" now, doesn't get you anywhere else but "here." It becomes a default mentality and attitude that affects your success. For instance: you will never achieve your $100.000 mark in your business when you only focus on what doesn't take any thought or never going the extra mile.

When you takes things "easy" in your kitchen, you won't feel vibrant, you won't have energy and without that, you can't be focused, productive or show up from your authenticity as the leader you are for your clients and peeps. The quality of your food and habits is directly correlated to your success as an entrepreneur. 

How you do anything is how you do everything

When we're busy we tend to avoid what we experience as "difficult." But that's exactly when we have to stretch and where we grow in the new space that we create for ourselves to try out new things. That's where results are being created.

Watch my video below (I just shot it for you on a Holiday, so I'm in my relax clothes in the couch) and listen to the cute short story I have for you. The message of that story is why I keep doing "difficult" things by default and keep practicing what is beyond the skills I have today. 

I assure you, that when you "get" this message and apply it to whatever area in your life -be it your business, your food, your relationships- you WILL create the change you were desiring. 

What once was difficult now is easy...

I want you to be able to make your health and wellbeing a natural flow in your life. If that's what you want too, take a break and schedule a free call to chat over a cup of tea (you can drink coffee). Let's talk about how we can make your health work for you, especially when it's "difficult" because you're so busy. 






Marie-Claire Hermans