What an acidic body does to your business

Every expert is a Red Ferrari: ready to get to the end line before you even started the engine. But to start the engine, you need a fully charged battery. 

Remember those days when you had to dip a pH stick in the pool or in a natural pond full with chattering frogs during biology class? 

If you own a pool you know what I'm talking about. In summer I often overhear people talk about throwing more chlorine in their pool to get the right balance. 

The thing is: most entrepreneurs take better care of their pool and car than of their body. Sorry, but it's the truth. 

I mean: do you know how your pH is doing? Have you measured it yet?

Because if you're overweight, if you're struggling with health issues, if you're suffering from arthritis, stiffness, painful joints, chronic disease,... it's tough to show up at your best for your clients. 

Knowing and adjusting your pH level in your blood is a good place to re-charge your battery and re-start your engine. That pH level represents the amount of oxygen you are activating your blood cells with. Oxygen is life.

But; back to losing the weight: you can't break down fat cells in an acidic state. Nor can you heal, generate energy, hold on to energy, feel vibrant and alive. 

Too much acidic waste causes weight gain, fatigue, pain, inflammation and much more. You will hold on to toxins, which are stored in fat cells. The more fat cells, the more toxic you are. It's all connected. 

Did you know that... fat is your body's ally against acidic food choices, protecting you? 

The solution? Reduce your intake of acid-forming foods to 20% (if you're eating a standard diet it's probably closer to 80%), and increase your choices of alkaline-forming foods to 80%. 

Increasing your alkalinity to slightly alkaline (7.34) will restore your balance at cellular level, start breaking down fats stores and rebalance your weight without you, having to feel frustrated over a myriad of fad diets. 

What are acid-forming foods?

✗ Sugar, soft-drinks, carbonated drinks

✗ Your glass of "red" in the evening to relax

✗ All animal products: meat, fish, poultry, bones and bone marrow, dairy, cheeses,...

✗ All refined products: flour, grains, pasta,...

✗ Unhealthy fats: margarine, trans-fats, commercial butters,..

✗ The 3 P's: packaged, prepared and processed foods

✗ Coffee, caffeine drinks

✗ And last but not least... STRESS!

Instead, eat, drink & practice more...

✗ Greens, fresh vegetables

✗ Gluten free grains: buckwheat and quinoa

✗ Water with lemon

✗ Alkaline fruits: lemon, lime, avocado, coconut, grapefruit, RIPE bananas,...

✗ Sprouted seeds, beans, lentils,...

✗ Regular relaxation, self-care and down time

You'll understand how it works when you watch my video below!

If you feel that you're running on an empty battery, I would be happy to look into your energy leaks during your day. Book a free strategy session with me right here. You will walk away with: 

  1. New insights in the habits that are draining your energy
  2. Motivation that gets you back on your horse
  3. A first step towards fast first results

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