How your business suffers from overeating

There has never been as much abundance as there is now. But the abundance you may have been embracing your whole life long has a downside...

There has never been more obesity, diabetes, chronic disease and cancer than there is now.

One of the 2 underlaying causes of all dis-ease is: being undernourished.

The new disease of civilisation is overweight through overeating and being undernourished.

Overeating has many faces, but let's go through the 3 insights that will make you understand why you may be systematically overeating, putting your health on the (down)hill.

  1. My grandmother lived for 99 years, long enough to live through 2 world wars. She knew a few things about hunger. But she also taught me that hunger isn't as bad as we think; it's a signal that your body has digested your meal and that it's ready for new fuel. She knew that restricted calorie intake (within limits of course) was a ticket to longevity, as many scientists proved later on. My father always told me at the table: "Stop eating before you are full!" When I grew up back in the fifties and sixties, there wasn't the kind of abundance yet as we know it now: we had a little bit of meat once a week, our plate consisted of fresh vegetables mainly and our portions were much smaller. People had a much lower calorie intake but guess what: they weren't as sick and overweight as these days. They had a strong constitution and a kickass body.
  2. The other thing I was told when I took more on my plate than I could eat was: "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach!" That always stopped me in my track. I never understood that statement until the day I realised something and knew that my parents had been right all the time. Make a fist and look at it: that's the exact size of your stomach (in its natural state that is). We're systematically overeating, stuffing and stretching that stomach with portions it can't actually take. That's what our mind, fear for shortness or hunger does to us.
  3. Why do you overeat? Partly because it's so much easier to overeat on cooked foods than on raw plant based foods; they are depleted in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. So... your body needs more to get its nutrition and it's asking for larger quantities to get there. Moreover you're not getting the signal from cooked foods that you are satisfied until the moment your stomach is all the way filled up to the top, feeling uncomfortable. Overeating means; getting more calories than you can burn in a day, specifically when you're not moving enough. Result: those sticky pounds are not coming off. Overeating also means that your stomach has to run "overtime", working day and night. That's your biggest energy leak right there. Plant based food gives you that signal when your stomach is filled up for 1/3 of its volume: your body tells your brain that you got what you need by gently raising its blood sugar level. 

Your body knows exactly how much it needs to survive and thrive. Do an experiment: for 7 days, stop eating before you are feeling full. Observe the effects: in your energy, your mood, the scale.

Shrink your greedy need to eat more than you can handle. Eat less. Get more. 

Watch my video below to get the full scoop. 

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