Your Body IS Your Website™


Last Monday I was featured in an interview as an energy expert with -as a special- a third participant for a cool hot seat! Topic: "Your Health Is Your Business!" Our intention was to take 30 minutes to define the guest's specific energy leaks in her typical day and giving her a complete energy makeover. But...

... as many volunteers were wrapped around the block for a branding-, website- or marketing makeover, as many crickets we were hearing for a on the spot kickass energy boost!

Now THAT made me think!

Because; what good is your hip branding, a crisp new website, investing in another expensive website makeover,... when you feel too tired to do the work, too exhausted to go to networking events, too sick to pursue your dreams or plagued with migraines that make you shut down for days? What does it represent when you can't deliver the outcome you promise? 

What will your ROI from your website be when you lost the confidence to show up face to face, when every day feels and looks like a bad hair day, when puffy eyes make you look sick and older than your age, when stiff swollen joints limit your mobility on your stage, when wrinkles are showing up way too soon and make you look the way you feel: exhausted. 

Your business can only be as successful, authentic, attractive, energized as YOU are. Your website can’t do that for you without you, no matter how expensive, accurate, sleek or sexy!

So if you too are considering investing big time in your branding, check in with yourself first because...

YOU are your website™! 

When I think of my own rebranding and new website creating phase in 2016, first thing I learned was that there are 3 main pages to create and keep updated. Then I learned that THE most important page is the one that most website owners don't pay that much attention to or where they miss the boat: the... 


What is this page actually supposed to be about?

1. The pain points of the visitors and potential clients.

2. Your authentic voice, your story, the connection

3. The solution you have for their problem

This page is about your authenticity and the reputation you have built. This is your most personal and vulnerable page on your whole website, your voice. It represents who you are, what you stand for, how you work and live. It makes your ideal clients relate to you. Or not.

So... have you reviewed your own "About You" page lately?

⤞ How are you feeling?

⤞ Is your look the right fit for your confidence?

⤞ Is your body in alignment with the amount of impact you want to make?

⤞ Is your food supporting your levels of engagement?

⤞ Are you able to live your values and walk your talk?

⤞ Is your energy lined up with the big vision you have for your business & life?

⤞ Is your body up for the challenges that come with entrepreneurship and success?

⤞ How authentic are you feeling at this point in your career?

⤞ Are you leading by a healthy and vitalized example?

⤞ Are YOU omnipresent?

What first step can you make today, so that you can start taking full ownership of the person you love being the most and your leadership as an influencer in your field?


This is the place where your visitors and potential clients land on. So this first impression counts! I'm sure that you know that you only have 3 seconds to make that first impression with your website's homepage and that in this blink of an eye, they decide if they will stay or go and return or not.

But have you ever realised that you only have the same amount of time to make a first impression on someone you meet face to face for the first time? When you are introduced to a potential business partner, when you shake hands with someone at a networking event, when you have a strategy call with a potential client? 

Your body is the home your spirit and heart lives in. But how does it feel and look like lately? Is it cluttered and clogged up with junk? Are you feeling foggy in all the overwhelm of the physical, mental and emotional clutter? Have you noticed how your attention is dwelling off when you are listening to someone? Is your skin acting up, wrinkling up more than you are ready for at this age? 

When was the last time you visited, reviewed and refreshed your own "Homepage?" Do you pass the "3-second" scan test with glance? How updated and attractive is the overview of what you stand for as an influencer in your market? Is it genuinely aligned with your values, your philosophy, your vision?

When was the last time you took all the "trash" out and cleaned this home nicely and tidy for a fresh start and light feeling? 

All this can be reversed easily when you push your body's reset button and refresh the homepage.



Don't you get excited each time when you create a new package that will serve your clients even more? When you came up with a new idea for a program that sets your passion on fire? Or when you raise your prices because you offer more personal access to your brilliance? I do. Those regular infusions keep your business up to date, trendy, alive and you ahead of your competitors. 

But how excited are you about the project "You", your programs and services page? How eventful is your wellbeing, your happiness, your relationship? Have you created new intentions, habits, self-care packages that excite you, that make you feel committed to yourself, that motivate you to make changes and to doing what it takes?

Have you lately raised your stake and the investment that stretches your abilities?  Are you running your services or the other way round: are they running you? Is your mindset making sure that your programs are running smoothly, on automatic pilot so that you can ensure your passive income?

When was the last time you invested in becoming the best personal version of your self by being under the wings of a coach who brings accountability to your table and who stretches your results far beyond anything you ever experienced before?

When you have clarity about the actions you need to get more energy, to eliminate stress from your life, to overcome health wrenching business challenges despite being as busy as you are, you can make decisions that empower you for healthy leadership and a happy future. 

Yes, I'm passionate about your "website." If you know me a little by now, you also know how much I love branding and making things and people beautiful.

And while I was thinking -and writing- about the naked fact that most entrepreneurs prefer spending large amounts of money in a new website but they forget or ignore to rebrand their health, looks and energy, I knew what new program I want to help you with in 2018! 


The 90-Day Plan To Refresh And Reset Your Body, Mind & Soul For Success in Business And Life

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