How To Belong To The Top 2,7%, As A Leader


If you're spending most of your time behind the computer, you know what I mean...

✗ Having coffee for breakfast

✗ Eating crap at your desk 

✗ Craving and snacking yourself through the stress of the day

✗ Stretching through every energy dip with coffee or "energy" drinks

✗ Eating microwaved pre-packaged crap or take-out for dinner

✗ Drinking too much alcohol to wind down from a busy day

✗ Binge while binge-watching a Netflix series until you fall out with your iPad on your belly

No judging. These are the observations I make and reoccurring statements I hear when I start working with new clients. Those are their words. Those may be your challenges. That's what I'm here for: to help you do better than "this."


I want to make you aware of 2 studies that have nothing to do with each other but that I see a missed out correlation between.


1. The other day I was reading a study done in 2016 by the Mayo Clinic, where they found that -there's no nice way to put it-... 

More than 97% Americans are guilty of an unhealthy lifestyle (I'm sure Europe is catching up!)

Less than 3% of the Americans live a healthy lifestyle

Ok, 2.7% to be exact. It's how you look at it, aka "glass half full or half empty." No matter how you look at this, it ain't positive.

2. A series of studies I want to tap into today, state how the average completion rate of online courses is only 4%. 

What happened to the 96%?

There's a lot to do these days about that poor completion rate and again, companies are jumping on that gap with even more content you may be missing. Their purpose: build successful courses with a high completion rate.

But they are all missing the most important X-factor in this phenomenon: 


⤞ Professionals are frikkin' tired! ⤝


Just look around you. Check in with yourself. What are the most common remarks in random conversations with a friend or a partner you didn't see in a while?

"I didn't have time to call." & "I'm so tired." On both sides.

Here's what I found during a conversation with a successful business coach who experienced and observed a growing tendency in her practice.

She had noticed how most of her clients struggle with completing the program that they are so excited about. And she is the awesome type of coach, who supports her clients from the heart! No DIY program that you have to drag yourself through without a guiding hand or accountability.

"The reason why," she said, "is that they are tired! Most of them complaint about being fatigued, foggy, out of focus, overwhelmed. After a few months they start showing up without doing their assignments, they postpone sessions, get discouraged, sometimes even need a break." 

She completely re-organized her way of working because of that glitch, but there aren't many business coaches out there who do that. 

Maybe you have similar experiences with your clients, you have been wondering if it was "you" and if so, share your observation with me in the comments.

Since that conversation I have talked to quite a lot of business coaches who all experienced that very same issue with their clients, and that made them reach out to me to partner up to support their community.

My point for you

If you belong to the vast majority of professionals who are eating and living unhealthy, stop wondering why you are not completing the courses and coaching programs you have been investing in. It's simple. 

You just don't have the energy!

Fatigue robs you from the zest to do things for yourself, to complete projects or... even start them.

When you have the vision and ambition to belong to the top 10% of successful leaders and earners of your industry, your energy needs that same upgrade. Thriving top performers all have that 1 common characteristic: they invest in their self-care and wellness.

This is where you come in as a leader

... and how you can make your influence count BIG time!

⤞ If you're taking your business seriously, you need to take your health seriously and choose the top: be one of the healthy 2,7%!

⤞ You can make a difference to the 97,3% as the role model that you are!


  1. Think about what you really want and what needs to be in place in your wellbeing to create and keep that outcome
  2. Start indulging real food that maxes out your energy so that you can fully claim your healthy leadership and make more impact
  3. Stop eating -and feeling like- crap and book a free strategy call with me right now so I can help you get in the successful 2,7% top!