How To Create A Survival Travel Kit Of Your Purse Or Bag

When you travel a lot for your business, you want to stay in the loop with your healthy eating habits so that you can keep your energy high.

But we both know the challenges that come with traveling to grow the business:

✗ The venue isn't serving any of your choices

✗ The hotel restaurants are so flooded by participants during the short breaks that you have to go outside of the venue to find alternatives and before you put the first bite into your mouth, the next speaker is on!

✗ The hotel/venue is in the middle of nowhere without a supermarket in sight

So... you just eat what's available and start feeling drained. Been there? 

When I was attending a 3 day seminar in Miami a few years ago, that was what happened to me: only hamburger and hot dog joints and one chaotic sushi bar that was so swamped they couldn't serve everyone. So I turned to my last -and best- resort: 4 days of juices in the nearby Starbucks.

I swore I would never leave again without my magic purse! The next year I made sure I had enough food to make another survival kit every day. 

You can turn any fancy purse or stylish bag into a magic version: the version that's holding some practical add-ons for simple foods on the road or... that can make you survive a few days without nagging hunger. 

Here are some ideas of what I always carry in my purse when I have a meeting, business lunch or longer event.

I'm in Frankfurt attending a 2 day business event with my survival kit right now and this is what I brought to get through the day with glance and without being hungry or craving... 


Of course you can create your own version. Depending on what's available to you, you can take a bag and add a lunch box with a crisp fresh salad whipped together in your hotel room. But if you can only bring a small purse, this is already a great way to stick to your healthy intentions!

✗ Always make crackers at home: pack them in small daily meal quantities to add to salads or to snack on when you have a salty craving

✗ Fancy a sweet snack? Pop some dates with an almond inside to pick up your concentration

✗ Fold up a few nori sheets: they weigh nothing and take no space but are a great flavour add to salads and make a great snack when you start craving something savoury

✗ Pop in a few energy bars. You can make your own but if you don't have time, simply order a box of a raw bite that perks up your energy 

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Marie-Claire Hermans