Tools For Traveling Raw

When you choose to be raw, you want to do everything to stay that way. Travels can sometimes throw some dirt in your good intending. Your flight was successful, meaning you fasted or enjoyed your own meal prepared with love at home. But now vacation starts or you have to stay fit for a conference, for work, a tour, performances. You need your precious energy and so, really want to stick to eating your way. But how? No need to worry because these tools will make your raw life abroad just as exciting and successful as at home.



A wonderful must-have tool to stay raw, wherever you go, is a personal blender. I love my Tribest and it has proven many times that you don’t need much more to make your beloved smoothies and tasty dressings on the go. It is a light weight and small enough to fill up a corner in your suitcase. 

When you are flying though you can’t take this little friend in your hand luggage. That is what I once did to make sure I wouldn’t lose it and I almost had to leave it behind at customs because of the blade. No idea they would consider this as a possible threat for the passengers safety!

A good personal blender crushes ice in your smoothies, nuts into flour. Fixing a salad? Complete it with a savory dressing or guacamole in only a few minutes. Or create a savory Marinara sauce with local tastes. Crave a chocolate mousse? No matter where you are -in a small hotel room or a camping- this versatile blender can make your meals just as complete as in the comfort of your house. Cleaning is a breeze, even with limited means. 



Another favorite tool of mine on travels is a potato or a julienne peeler. It is so small and light that you can even take it in your purse to improvise a meal after visiting a local farmers market. In only one minute you can slice a zucchini into a lovely pasta. I love this little tool and you will appreciate its easy use and cleaning. Again, this tool has a blade and has to be taken in your suitcase on flights.  



It might look obvious but how many times didn’t you wish you had your knife and a light weight cutting board with you? You will find a plastic plate and cup in most hotel rooms but when you want to make a quick fruit- or other salad, those tools are handy. A one person cutting board in bambu is light and will serve you on many occasions. 

With these simple tools you can travel raw and prepare all your meals easily. Take a few containers with you, a small one for a dressing and a larger one for a salad and you will be able to take whatever you need to eat raw without effort.