How To Set Your Energy From "Low" To "High" In 3 Simple Steps

I was watching a live call from an influencer I value a lot and when she started by saying how she had to drag her feet all day, how she felt low on energy after a long strategy call with an awesome mentor, I stopped the video and picked up my virtual pen to write you.

She said: "When my energy is low, I can still create products, answer questions, put together a framework and methods for people or develop trainings, but going live like this, that's a very high energy activity for me." I couldn't agree more. I admire how as a true leader, she showed up anyway and was very transparent and honest. And in the closeness of a community that gets you and believes in you, it's safe to do that.

This made me think though, because when you're an entrepreneur you are most probably working on your visibility. You are doing interviews to be featured on summits as an expert, you are making your videos for your blog posts, you are showing up live on Facebook, you are speaking at events. There will always be moments when life or business robs you from your high, right before the show must go on. And it's ok to show up as yourself and let your tribe see that you too, are a real human. 

But I have seen and learned that it isn't always in your favour to be vulnerable about your energy when the visible proof of that moment will live on forever on the internet. This is also about your reputation, which takes time to build but that you can lose in a nanosecond. How do you want to be remembered? Referred as and to? Of course: it's about being authentic. But the energy of your talent is authentic too.

How can you activate that energy when you want to show up at your best, but you're not feeling it?

The real question here is: how will you feed your energy so that you can get high on it again?

You can go two ways: you can feed low energy by keep dragging and pushing yourself. Or you can feed energy with what makes you feel better again in a very short time.

Have you noticed that when your energy is low, you have to start pushing yourself through your day, push yourself to get on a Facebook live, push yourself through client calls? But you don't want your business to be about "pushing," right? We all experience that feeling sometimes. But that's the time to remind yourself that your first to-do item on your list is: getting your high vibe back. And you've heard me say it before...

How you feel is how you show up!

Think of Serena Williams, Toni Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Richard Branson,... what is their first focus before their event? To feel great, fully charged, in charge! That's their main activity before they slam themselves into championship, before they get on stage and rock it! 

That's why I want to give you 3 simple steps to shape a new ritual with to set your energy from "low" to "high." It will make you feel confident about how you perform, lead and shine with your brilliance. 

This afternoon I'm being interviewed for another global summit. I have been doing more of them lately and I want to make sure that I can show up at my best, even when that day just had a little minor. And hey, it happens to all of us: yesterday evening I got awful news that stopped me in my tracks. That's when it is even more important to fall back on a soothing ritual of self-care. I love rituals because they hold a purpose and a flow that brings you always to the state of mind you love being in.

I will share you my ritual to prepare for any live "show up" below. But first, the steps that you can start mastering your ritual with! It's very simple but oh so effective!


1. Know when you feel at your best!


Since almost 2 years I'm working with two mentors who are all about momentum and improving your "best." It fits right in my way of living to always go for the best, no matter what. But what I became much more conscious of is, that it is of essence to know when you feel at your best. 

✗ What are the conditions for you to feel great about yourself?

✗ What sets the high vibe tone of your day if you start your day that way?

✗ Line them all out in a mental list or a to-be list on your Iphone or in Evernote. It can be as little as doing a silly dance, having a bike ride, calling your best friend, getting out for 30 minutes, read or sing. Things you love doing but you're not, because you "don't have time." 


2. Schedule more of what you love doing


Listing your love-to-do items is easy but... not enough. As an entrepreneur you get so sucked into the passion for your work that at the end of the day there's no energy anymore for what you love doing or there is no time left for some play time.

What you don't plan won't likely happen. Not in your business, not in your health, not in your personal soul life. As good as you may be in planning and organizing your business, how updated are you staying with your heart? I know, I know, you love your business. But there IS more than work. Your business is the facilitator of your dream life. How much of what you are doing besides your dream business are the perks that make you feel light and happy? 

Schedule some time every day to follow through with 1 thing that you love doing and that energizes you instantly. Even if it's just 15, 30 minutes: plan for that high vibe soul activity! When your me-time is part of your business, you won't feel guilty but good about it! 


3. Take a step back and disconnect to re-connect


When you are so drawn into what you have to do in a day, it's tough to see what you actually accomplished. I know that this is something I struggled with a LOT. Even after working all day, I would look up in the evening and think: "Ugh! I didn't get anything done!" Until I started writing down what I did and found myself gazing at a list of 20 things. Know the feeling?

To gear up your energy for a good presentation, to feel more confident that you are meeting your and other's expectations, it helps to take a step back and look at yourself and what you are doing. Personally I love journaling about my day or a project that's coming up, about ideas. 

The other thing of stepping back for a moment is: you will stop taking yourself so dang seriously. Where is the playfulness you started your business with? The passion you started with may be not the things you are doing at this point in your career. Maybe you got tangled in admin stuff, tech stuff, launches. And with that, the real passion for what it all started with -designing, creating, coaching, connecting with people- is being pushed to the background, draining the energy of your talent. 

When you disconnect by changing the context -go outside, work from a co-working space or a cafe or nature-, or you just empty your head by going to the sauna or treating yourself for a Spa day, you will "see" again where the blind spot is that takes the pleasure out of your business. 

✗ How can you disconnect before you have to perform at your best, so that you can reconnect with the core of your passion and purpose? 



Back to how I put these 3 rules together for myself, just to give you an example of how simple and easy it can be. Every time I have an interview, a speaking gig or even before I do a video, live or not, these are the things I do to put myself into the high vibe I love feeling and bringing. Here's my To-Be list...



 When there's no one around to talk to and share your ideas with, you just gotta get out and broaden your horizon. I go over to my friends who have a flower and interior shop, chat with them, have a good laugh. Every time I socialize with real people, with the people I love having in my life, I feel charged with the energy that friendship brings to the heart.


 I used to be the kind of gal who would go to the hairdresser only once or twice a year because it was a waste of time. Not anymore! While I'm waiting or under the caring hands of my fav hairdresser, I continue writing my book (1000 words a day) on my laptop. I love the luxury of the soothing scalp massage, having my hair done for me by a pro and bring on some glam effect.  I love it that I allow myself to be taken care of as mostly it's the opposite way. I always feel light and all smiles when I step out the door with my fluffy blown hair in the wind. 


 When I started my business, I was so focused on growing and being successful that I stopped doing what I loved doing the most: make music. I have been a singer and musician my whole life. But a while ago -when my double bass cracked and it was gone for a few months to repair- I missed it SO much! As soon as I got my bass back, I picked it up again and started playing again. I put on my high heels and sing with it as if I'm on stage. Making music frees my mind, soothes my soul and prepares me for high performance. 

This is the ritual that became part of my business and that is non-negotiable. Of course, you don't have to wait to plan your soothing ritual until you feel low. By planning this uplifting time for yourself in your every week's agenda, you'll notice how you can keep your vibrance going every day. 


Now it's your turn. Share below what ritual you will use from now on and that you schedule time for in your day and that you know, it will turn on your energy switch to "HIGH!"  


If you find it difficult to put yourself first, you don't find the time because you are low on energy and everything takes you twice as long as normally, or if you need a little push in the back, book a 30 minute break with me and let's have a conversation about what is holding you back in your life to show up at your best. It's free! No strings attached.