The Oprah Effect


Is it money? Is it time? Is it effort?

That's what we usually tell ourselves when we want to get past a challenge but it doesn't work out and we fail. We watch big examples, do what they do, we stop when they stop, we succeed when they succeed and heck: we even fail when they fail, delving into possible reasons that seem plausible but often... don't go to the real cause of that failure: ourselves. An example.

Oprah proved it many times: it's impossible to keep the weight off once you finally lost it.

Think for a moment: here's this awesome Forbes billionaire who proved it to you in countless blood and sweat workout sessions with personal trainers, diving into all the trendiest diets in the world with nutritionists by her side and personal chefs in her kitchen, going into 3 to 30-day challenges with the whole world cheering her on and following in her foodsteps.

You watched her big splashes on every channel and platform each time she found a new angle with hopeful promises, but when she slipped back out of her good intentions, you would only find out by watching her gaining the pounds back in silence.

You saw how she had everything and everyone around her to make her wellbeing as successful as her personality. You saw how... she still struggles with her health.

So, what's the real problem? Because if the wealthiest woman in the world who can afford anything to be successful at anything can't get it done... where does that leave you?

If it's clearly not about money, time or effort, then what IS it about?

Here's the missing link that Oprah may be missing out on when she goes on another diet, but that I am offering to you!


Screw diets! Screw frustrating restrictions! Screw menu plans! They only work until you lose interest after you got your first results. Maybe not even that long! 

The real question is: how committed are you to yourself to keep doing what's really good for you? 

How do you value the relationship with yourself

to make your health work for you on the long life-run?

So let me repeat the question:

✗ Is it about not having enough money? No. Money can't buy your thoughts and beliefs.

✗ Is it about not having the time to make fresh meals? Nope. We invented time. You can re-invent it to your advantage.

✗ Is it about too much effort? No. Effort is an investment in you that reflects your self-worth.

Just as the body has its reset button for health through detox, so has your mind for finding lasting motivation. You just gotta find the switch and switch it ON instead of keeping it OFF. 

That's when clarity guides you to the right actions without much effort. Clarity makes your mind eager to learn and apply. It makes your spirit desire for the exponential growth of your hidden potential. Let me ask you...

⤞ How often do you doubt your choices?

⤞ How quickly is your confidence fading when you make a change? 

⤞ How long does it take for a criticaster to talk your decision down and make it feel worthless or stupid?

You can't build a house that stands a life long without a strong foundation.

With the right mindset you overrule your self-sabotage systems, you silence the undermining voice in your head, you override old patterns etched in your brain. 


That's exactly what I want to show you! 

Last year I hosted 2 Mindset Makeover Bootcamps. Both created a complete mindset shift for all the professional women in my group! I can still see the amazing results shine through in their presence and actions when they pass my social media feeds. That's powerful! All it takes is:

✗ 3 hours of your time

✗ over 3 days

✗ your full commitment to show up live or to watch the replays

✗ a small token of your appreciation

Because here's the deal: I will show up live for 3 days in a row to feed you the insights you need to make that complete shift. The content will all be personalized to you, when you show up and interact with me and the other women in the group. 

It has been proven that my Mindset Makeover Bootcamp works and that you can completely shift your mindset in those 3 days (some did it in day 1!). I could easily ask for $2000 for this amazing experience and I will in the near future (I have big plans with it). But today I want to make your mindset-shift a real no-brainer!

Are you ready to enable your full potential in health, business and life?

You're in for $47 if you say "Yes!" to yourself now! 

I took a decision. There is no more time for bullshit. I want to take back my health with joy, ease and grace.

After these 3 days, you will be able to think differently, choose differently and create different outcomes for your health, work and life. The Oprah Effect will lose its effect on you, because you will make your very own decisions, define your own footsteps, guided by your very own vision.

We are removing the heaviness of weight and perfection, the pressure of "having" to lose what sticks to your hips and belly despite everything you tried. We're creating a new perception of who you can be, if... We're shifting your focus to a vision for your health and wellness. 

If you want to align your body, work and lifestyle-desires with your thoughts, this mindset makeover is what you need first

The mind is the steering wheel of the vehicle it drives. Let's define and change its course together. 


Monday October 30, Tuesday October 31 & Wednesday November 1 - 2017 at 6PM CET

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Loving this. So grateful Marie-Claire!


I want to keep things real simple and accessible to you, wherever you are in the world. As soon as you applied I will invite you to a community especially created for this purpose, where we can get to know each other while more women entrepreneurs are gathering there for our makeover. 

Once we kick off you will receive a lovely handout each day so that you have a guide that will help you design your new mindset and inspiring course with me. And yes, the replays will be available to you. But I do hope to catch you live in the moment, because that's when the real magic happens. See you soon!

You have been very generous - thanks a million for allowing me to hit the ground running again!!!

Do you know a female entrepreneur or do you have a community of busy professionals who may benefit from this mindset intensive? Share this page with them and invite them over for a transformational mindshift!