How Overweight Is Keeping Your Business Down

Most entrepreneurs who come to me, come with the same cry for help: they feel exhausted and uncomfortable in their body. But the effects don't just involve how they feel: exhaustion and overweight also wears down their business and success. 

When I started working with Katy -she is a brilliant mentor for leaders- and we were talking about her challenges, she told me something that stopped me in my tracks and stayed with me ever since. She said: "I don't feel authentic anymore."

She told me how she had stopped networking, showing up for clients and business partners, how she was cancelling important meetings. Overweight, sluggishness and exhaustion had taken over her business and had turned her life into a place that felt completely out of alignment with the amazing woman and professional she was.

She told me how she was saying "No" to big opportunities, had stopped traveling to get on stages. "I'm just too exhausted," she said. She was hiding behind her computer, dreading making videos and only became visible behind the screens of podcasts and webinars. She was holding back on every level in her life. 

I know, I talk a lot about Katy (I just value and love her so much). But she represents the pain that many, many brilliant experts are struggling with and it breaks my heart to see all these life-changing messages, talents, potential and leadership go through the drain of fatigue and excess pounds.


Maybe that's the pain that you are feeling right now, too...

✗ You're losing money because you can't get out of bed in the morning

✗ You're so freakin' exhausted that all you want to do is binge watch all day on Netflix

✗ Pounds have only been adding up since you started your business

✗ You don't recognize yourself anymore and are spiralling down with the "blah" feeling 

Overweight is only one of many reasons why you may be feeling like this right now. But it's the most visible and daunting one because it affects so many other aspects of your life:

✗ Energy ✗ Mood ✗ Hormones ✗ Boldness ✗ Fitness ✗ Health ✗ Wealth ✗ Impact ✗ Alignment ✗ Authenticity ✗ Self-confidence ✗ Success ✗ Sexuality ✗ Happiness  ✗ Fill in your own blanks..

Your business is the reflection of who you are.

Overweight and exhaustion take your self-worth down, makes you think less of yourself, makes you doubt your knowledge and skills as a leader in your market. Your business becomes how you feel.


Now imagine for a moment...


How much more success could you have if you wouldn't run out of steam all the time? 

How much more confidence would you have to step up your game with a body you love?

What would your life look like if you were high on energy, success and self-love?

How you feel is in your hands. No matter how awful it feels in that place of misery, sometimes it just feels easier to toss and turn in that feeling than stepping out of it, right? Hey, been there done that! It takes "work" to do that and oh boy, don't we all resent that kind of work. But here's the good news: 


It takes only ONE step to get out of the comfort zone of misery.


That step is taking full responsibility for yourself by making the decision that you will start taking care of yourself. How?

Let me meet you where you are and find that answer in private with you. Everyone is different and I would like to spend some focused, dedicated time, understanding more about you and what you are looking for. During that time, we'll figure out if and how I can help you. And if I can, I will definitely share a resource with you or make a recommendation about how I can serve you. How does that sound? 

Now listen below (it's only a sweet 2:12 mins. video) what Katy experienced during the time we were working together and what results she got from building a new relationship with her food and herself. 


I understand: asking for help is tough. It's one of the biggest lessons I had to learn myself as an independent business woman, too proud to show my weaknesses, too scared to share my vulnerability. When it comes to health, we entrepreneurs tend to wait until we crash before reaching out for help. 

But the moment I reached out and got me my first coach, my life started changing with the speed of light (no kidding!). All of a sudden I loved the feeling of being under someone's wings, being taken care of, receiving input I was missing to expand and grow on all levels in my life. Since 8 years, I haven't been without a coach or mentor in my life for one day and I don't think that I will be, ever again. 

Healing myself and growing a new mindset enabled me to build the business I love, being on stages, step up with confidence, feel good about myself and the work I do, build my ideal lifestyle.

So if you are still on the verge of making your first change to start feeling better, don't hesitate...