How to stop driving with your foot on the brake

Have you heard yourself say in conversations where you were venting your frustration over not getting results: "I DO eat a lot of vegetables, I'm doing all the right things but I still can't lose the weight!" (It's like saying that you're making videos for your business but not sending them out to your clients.)

Well, you may be doing what you believe is right. But have you changed your habits, your mindset, your mentality and behaviour around what's on your plate? 

Are you still indulging sweets to stop the turmoil in your head?

Are you still having you glass(es) of red in the evening to relax after a long working day?

Are you still telling yourself that yes, you can reward yourself with luscious gourmet meals or your favourite treats because you are "doing really well"? 

Why isn't this working when you expect results from the efforts you make?



If you need to create lasting results, you first need to stop doing what's poisoning, slowing and weighing you down.

What you leave out will start up the healing process that allows your body to start balancing itself without any effort from your side.

I'm explaining it all to you in the video below. Click it and listen in!

If you need help to stop driving with your foot on the brake, I'll be happy to help you out with a free strategy session. I will give you;

  1. The most essential insight to start making changes
  2. A different vision on a different outcome
  3. Your first tactic to make the rubber hit the road