Feeling alone in your journey?

challenged by your busy life? 

want a plan with a clear map?

need accountability? 


1 body, 1 life, 1 future

Everything you eat, think, do -or don't do- defines how you will feel and look like tomorrow. You are the results of your actions... and non-actions. You may think that you still have time right now, you're young enough to bounce back from bad habits, eating crap, neglecting self-care. But if you're living the typical day of a busy professional day after day, year after year, you'll run out of time at some point. The numbers aren't lying: 50% of the adult world population is suffering from 1 or more chronic diseases. Are you waiting for your crash to start changing things, like I once did? Just imagine that moment when you'll start bumping into the limits of your health...


why wait with feeling great when you can feel great right now?

Self-mastery is more than taking care of yourself when it feels convenient or when you finally have an open window of 30 minutes. 

self-mastery is about...

having clarity, vision, direction

defining values to go the extra mile for

gathering the knowledge to do it right

creating lasting change with purpose

changing habits and routines

planning, organising, smart systems

owning the skills for fun and effectiveness

enabling the timeframe with ease

creating continuity

feeling supported every step of the way

Having a community, a buddy, a partner in crime

being inspired, motivated, stimulated

living a healthy lifestyle by default

generating and sustaining quality energy to do all that

Everything is energy and energy is everything

self-mastery academy

... is designed for you to...

✗ design and live your ideal long-term vision

✗ build your knowledge base for (self)-awareness

✗ teach you the nitty gritty stuff and skills

✗ help you set up health support systems for wellness success

✗ empower you to commit to yourself, every day


✗ surround you with like minded leaders, wired like you

✗ keep you accountable in an elegant way

✗ become the person and leader you love being the most




My mission throughout our curriculum is: not giving you more work. It's: looking at how we can relieve you from what you experience as "too much" in your attempts to live healthy so that you can create a smooth flow of self-care systems that work and are doable. One theme a month will build your foundation of knowledge and skill set with stepping stones towards the big picture. 


Having personal access to masters in various ways is key in exponential growth. I believe in the personal touch that makes difference. Every month we'll be sitting together for a live virtual masterclass with in depth training where you also have a chance to ask your questions. And you'll absolutely love our monthly juicy chat pause where you can pop in when you want to share some wins, thoughts or whatever that came up for you and we can help you with. If you want to level it up to one one one access to me, that's possible too. Choose the formula which offers you a monthly coaching session and I'll mentor you in private via the phone or Skype. Your success matters to me.


You know by now that you are what you eat, think and do. But the player with most influence on your behaviour and actions when it comes down to creating lasting results, is -believe it or not- your environment. 

 You are who you know.

Who do you spend most of your time with? How supportive are they in your healthy choices? How do they lift you up or drag you down? Having a community around you of like wired people makes you go the extra mile, every mile. Because here's what it comes down to...

no one succeeds alone

The best among us already know: success doesn't come without failure. That's why they build a team that keeps them on track, pushes them through, brings out the best in them and supports them every step of the way. Serena Williams wouldn't be the best without her professional team of personal trainers, coaches, mentors, nutritionists (by the way, did you know that she performs on a living plant based diet? No seriously, she does!), her personal raw food chef on the road. 

Success comes with the input, support, strategies, tools, tactics, empowerment of those who you surround yourself with. And that can be good or bad. Meaning: who you surround yourself with and are influenced by defines your levels of determination, flow, strength, success. 

community counts

who is this for? 

Especially when you're busy and don't "have the time" (for BS), you know that you need to do "something" to turn the wheel but don't know what or how or where to start, when you are an eternal student, you love learning new things, you get excited by the thought that you can take your health into your own hands easily and get back in the driver's seat (where you belong), you love taking action and playing around with new strategies, tools and tactics, you want to replace draining habits by healthy ones, when you want to create consistency in your results...


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