Top 5 Reasons Why Overweight Experts Can't Lose Weight


If you're an entrepreneur, dreading being visible, avoiding speaking opportunities and getting on stage to crush it, you may have been looking in the wrong places and at the wrong causes. You may have analysed your whole business, your niche, your message, your clients' needs. But still: nothing is moving.

Here are a few question for you to change your perspective on slow business:

✗ How many pounds have you been gaining since you started your business? 

✗ How has this extra weight been influencing your confidence and self-esteem? 

✗ How is feeling exhausted affecting the way you show up and do business?

In a series of 5 articles, you will find out why you feel how you feel, look why you look and why you can't drop the weight, despite of all your efforts. 

The first and most important principle for you to understand is: 


... on your hips, your belly, your thighs. 


  1. You're feeding it with crap that it doesn't know and can't break down. 

    1. Processed foods with altered molecular structure

    2. Prepared and plastic food

    3. Packaged foods full of chemicals

  2. You're killing all the enzymes you need to break down fats and toxins!

    1. By cooking all your foods above 42°C/108°F you are destroying the enzymes that are responsible of breaking down fats and toxins and removing all the waste. Result: you are storing all this waste.

    2. Lipase is the specific enzyme that breaks down fats, but when you cook your food, this enzyme is dead, non-existent. Result: it's difficult for your body to break down the fats, so it will have no other choice but to store them. Protease is the enzyme that breaks down all the proteins into amino acids: the building blocks of the body. But when you cooked this enzyme to death, you will end up with way too much protein that your kidneys have to break down. Kidney crises and failure have never been this "common." What you don't deliver to the body with your food, your body has to withdraw from its precious (enzyme)reserves. Your machine will always compensate for bad food decisions, exhausting and depleting you.

  3. You're not eating (enough) fresh foods. Watch my video below to hear what cooking does to your food and to your body.

  4. You're combining everything together, interrupting your digestive timeframes, causing too much "travel time" through your colon, clogging everything up.

  5. I'm sure you have noticed how stress is affecting your stomach, your colon and how it can cause heart burn, diarrhoea or constipation. Fear, grief, anger,... emotions settle in your gut where they trigger tension, pain, discomfort.

Click on my video below to learn why it's not wise to follow the advise of people who tell you to listen to your gut and what to do instead. I promise: you will walk away with the most important insight to start dropping weight without effort! 


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Marie-Claire Hermans