Layered Lunches


Every day when you order a quick sandwich for lunch or grab a hotdog or hamburger in the joint next door, is a missed chance for your productivity that day. But what’s more: it becomes a stubborn habit that seems harmless because… it’s a habit. And it’s “only” lunch.

It’s simple: your body is the plant that generates energy to do what you have to do and love doing. What you fuel yourself with sets the tone of your dynamics.

Once you get caught in your to-do list of the day, making time for a healthy lunch ends up in the back of your busy mind. The healthy intention you set on Sunday -starting “tomorrow”- is forgotten as soon as lunch time announces itself in your nagging stomach.

But once you’re hungry, it is often too late to turn your mind around: your brain is telling you now that you need to eat asap. You hush your guilty conscience with: “It’s just this time. I’ll start tomorrow.” This is how your “just one time” adds up, day by day. As does the weight and sluggishness, slowly.

No more with this simple, smart, fun and effective strategy. Watch my video to learn how you can easily organise your lunch of the next 4 days so that you can enjoy the feeling of sustainable energy and losing weight without dieting.


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