What’s In Your Fridge Door?

What does your success have to do with your fridge door?

Have you been having more headaches than usual lately? Are you having sudden rashes, did eczema keep you out of your sound sleep? Have you been in overdrive, feeling as if you “couldn’t” stop? It’s not always stress related, you know. What’s in your fridge door may play a huge role in how you feel and look! I’m sharing my own experience in my video.

Did you know that the most common products in your refrigerator door are killers? You can take that literally!

They are packed with…

  • artificial tastemakers (MSG/E261 is the worst one and in every processed food you can think of)
  • harmful genetically modified soy
  • colours
  • bad fats
  • heavy metals to stabilise “natural” colours (in coloured yogurt)
  • sugars (8 to 10 coffee spoons in 1 glass of softdrink!)
  • or artificial sweeteners (in all “light” products)
  • synthetic additives to taste and look better
  • and I’m probably forgetting a few more

In a nutshell… I want to go through the condiment department of your fridge and show you what the most taxing products are that may burden your body in such a way, that your success is suffering from that without you, realising. Simply by leaving out those taxing products you will start feeling -and maybe even seeing- the difference.

In this video, I am explaining how you can replace those tastemakers -and more- with healthier alternatives so you can eat with confidence and rely on your energy and looks, every day. It speaks that I threw out that bottle and checked my cupboards for other intruders my kids may have put there after their stay-overs while I was gone.

So tell me, what’s in YOUR fridge? Share it below in the comments section. 

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  3. What first step you can make to make more energizing changes