4 Practical Juicing Tactics

When you are facing a hectic week and thinking of how to stick to your healthy morning routine on top of your work as a busy professional, it’s easy to fall into excuses and to talk yourself out of that intention you made last week…

  • I don’t have time for this!
  • I don’t feel like doing this
  • The kitchen is gonna be a mess!

Yep, I’m talking about juicing first thing in the morning. When you have a slow juicer, it may take up to 20 minutes. But wait! Not with my 4 easy, simple quick juicing tactics that will save you loads of time and mess. I promise!

And here’s more good news when you drink your green juice despite your excuses:

  • The time that you thought you would lose on juicing, is time that you will gain when you drink this green goodness: you will:
    • increase your productivity
    • your mental clarity
    • and get more done in less time.
  • Once juicing becomes a routine, it feels like brushing your teeth or taking a nice warm shower.
  • The only mess you will end up with is… you. You need to fuel that body for all that activity. I know that you only want the best, so your body is where to start that trend.

Watch my video below to hear how you can overcome your excuses by organising those busy weeks with 4 practical tactics. 

But that’s not all! I made a cheat sheet for you that you can download under my video and keep with you in your kitchen to have all your practical ducks in a row. Click on the button below after watching my tactics and it’s all yours!