Charge Your Body’s Battery

Those who have a swimming pool will know immediately what I am talking about because you will check the status of the water frequently and adjust the balance by adding alkalizing products to it. If you don’t have a swimming pool, you may remember the school trips in biology classes to a pond in nature where you took proudly samples of the water, dipped in a stick that changed colors: the water had to be alkaline to allow life to exist in that pond. Or you may know that the battery of your car will refuse to charge when it turned acidic: you will have to replace it with an alkaline one…

This is the process in your body! Your blood is your pools or the pond’s water, it’s your battery’s liquid and his has to be in balance for you …

  • to be able to generate energy
  • to be strong and healthy

When this balance is disturbed, you are fatigued more often or even continuously, you trigger infection resulting in inflammation, draining your immune system, compromising your health and being in risk for chronic disease, heart diseases, cancer.

 If you have been eating cooked foods all your life and you are new to raw, your body is most probably acidic.  Processes such as cooking, canning, freezing and preserving all reduce the alkaline properties of all food, they even turn them into acid forming foods. Stress is another factor to avoid in this story; it is very acid-forming and can throw you off balance in one day. Coffee, alcohol, soda, all standard drinks you are consuming to “relax” or to get a “kick” have the same effect: they are changing the climate in your body. But let me start by explaining what this all means.

Food is your fuel. Depending on the kind of fuel you insert into your body, it will react by producing acid waste. All processed foods cause acidity. A lot of acidity in your body can be compared to a car running on too little oil. If you don’t refuel, it burns out. So does your body. A stuck motor won’t restart, whatever you do. Neither will your body unless you re-fuel it with the right foods. Acid stores in the cells and in all the tissues of the body: in organs, glands, muscles.  The body becomes totally exhausted and eventually (seriously) ill.

This is a very simple way to put it, but what it really means is that when our body is in an acid state it will fail sooner or later and be receptive for serious diseases.

Overall health can only manifest when your pH (potential Hydrogen) level is healthy. We all have an alkaline reserve as a back- up system which maintains a proper balance in the blood. (7.35 to 7.45) Your body is a genius: it will always try to keep its perfect balance, no matter what. The reserve that you have is limited and has to restore deviations each time you feed your body too many acid-forming foods or beverages. Whenever an imbalance occurs, fatigue and sickness will follow soon. The oxygen in your blood has decreased seriously and your energy level with it. A first signal for is fatigue, you get out of breath with the slightest physical effort. As always, the body will do whatever it can to stay within a healthy range and get what it needs from somewhere else: from its reserve or from its main mineral source: the bones. They are such a rich source of calcium, so the body takes it right there to alkalize itself again. This is one of the reasons why there is so much osteoporosis in our Western culture.

So we don’t want to let it come this far, because once the body has to act to keep the balance intact, we lose a lot of energy and essential nutrients. So what can you do to support this system?

A great way to manage your pH level is: keeping an eye on it by checking your morning saliva and urine every day until you restored your balance. With this result you can adjust your diet to keep the values within the necessary ranges. Your first results of the day should be between 6,5 and 7,5. Readings below 6,5 mean that you are too acidic. Below 6, you are landing in a risk zone.

The other way around, is just as unhealthy. Most of us won’t have readings above 7,5. If this only happens occasionally, no problem. But consistent higher rates above 8 are just as serious as too low. It means that the body is in an extreme state of acidity and producing alkaline ammonia as compensation. The ideal balance that keeps all systems in your body running smoothly is a pH of 6,5 for saliva and urine. If you are sick, you want to bring your body in a slightly alkaline state to give it the chance to heal itself and that is about 7.34.

All your organs and glands functions depend on a well balanced pH level. Heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, glands, intestines, colon, kidneys, thyroid… they depend on a proper alkaline environment. Symptoms occur bit by bit when you are acidic and they can be vague or stress related so that it might take years before finding out how it all started. The other way is just as true: eat alkalizing food, repair your balance and you will regain health in record time. It is as easy as that!

What can happen when you are consistently acidic? At first, when your body can’t keep the right pH balance it can become exhausted, you might get acne, have sudden panic attacks, be irritable without reason, have no energy or just be hyperactive, be bloated all day, have a white coated tongue, experience dizziness, lose your sex drive, have heartburn, hot urine, constipation, have a metallic taste in your mouth… and so on. Usually we aren’t alarmed by these symptoms because we think they are part of our life, due to stress. (Which reminds me by the way that stress is an acid forming factor. )So we don’t really take care of them, thinking they will blow over. Wrong.

When you don’t make time to look into these symptoms, you don’t want to be a wussie and you feel they aren’t serious enough to see a doctor, (and honestly,  most doctors sway them off the table) they will become worse and cause bronchitis, asthma, allergies, depression, decreased concentration and memory loss, insomnia, viral infections as the flu, colds, skin problem as Psoriasis, fungal infections as Candida, athlete’s foot and urinary problems, sinusitis, viruses: they ALL adore acids to thrive on! These are more serious matters, but only a good doctor who is making links will know he does not only have to treat the problem itself but resolve the acidity as well.


Here come the advanced consequences and they may come as a shock to you. Leukemia, Lupus, Crohn’s disease, schizophrenia, tuberculosis, cancers, Rheumatoid arthritis and chronic diseases. Once you are there, mostly the disease itself, which is actually a symptom, will be treated. But the cause will stay because there isn’t enough attention to recognize what is keeping you ill, in spite of intense treatments.

I want to share with you that you can do so much yourself by starting with the root of most diseases; adjusting your daily diet and lifestyle and alkalizing your body.

So what are a few things that you can do easily without effort but with amazing benefits.

  • Check saliva and urine regularly: take a pH strip in your mouth for a second, dip another one in your morning urine, make the sum of the two numbers you have and there you have your average pH number. Repeat this process twice a day, in the morning and in the evening: in the morning the results will be mostly more acidic because your body is still releasing toxins and waste of the day before. Throughout the day the levels will go up a bit and the evening will give you the highest rates of the day. Note down your results for a week and rate your energy on a scale of one to ten. 10 is feeling energized!
  • Print a list of alkaline forming foods and drinks, keep it in your kitchen and choose foods from this list until you reached the right balance.
  • Then continue eating in a 80% – 20% rate, meaning; build up your diet with 80% of alkalizing foods and 20 % of acid forming food to maintain the right balance.
  • If you are doubting what food is alkaline, always choose for greens; they contain lots of chlorophyll and are always the right hit!
  • Start your day with a glass of water with a juiced lemon and after a half hour a nutritious green smoothie and you will feel the difference in a week!
  • Keep adding more greens to your body: juices and smoothies, dark salads, kale chips,… and you will balance your body’s climate very quickly.

Alkalizing your body is of life importance and if you want to know more about how to eat (more) raw and live healthy, keep reading here on my website where you will find more interesting topics and ravishing recipes to get going with. If it’s difficult for you to do it all alone, I am here for you.

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