Cut The C.R.A.P.

What is your energy level on a scale from 0 to 10?

If you knew that if you would cut out the crap, your number could increase in only a few weeks time, would you? 


It’s common knowledge that what you eat can heal you or poison you. Yet, it seems difficult to cut out the commercialised junk. In this episode 5, I wanted to dig deeper into the importance of cutting out the crap if you care about the impact you can make by living your full potential.

A dear client of mine who is an Executive Coach in Sweden nailed it when she told me: “I have become so attractive to my clients! They all want to be around me and all men want to work with me now!” As soon as she had cut the crap, replaced it by plant-based and healthy alternatives, not only her whole appearance and vibration changed: her whole business changed with her. She attracted big companies and closed high end deals in no time.

That is the difference that you can make to yourself by making healthy choices in your diet. They leave their fooDprint in every area of your exiting life.

Listen in and explore with me in 3 simple steps where you are now and what your next step can be to influencing by example… 

Share your number of your energy level below in the comments and your findings during the days of your observations. If your conclusion scares you, let’s talk! Drop me an message or schedule some time with me.