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How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be an Energy Expert for professionals?


To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment in my life. It resulted in everything I do at this point.


That defining moment in my life happened in 2009, after being deadly ill for 5 years. My body had crashed in 2005, after working day and night with a total burn out for two years. I had ignored about every daunting symptom, from paralyzed limbs to total black outs at work. Bit by bit, the diagnosis’s were adding: total burnout, Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Central Myelitis, Poly Neuritis. I was in constant unbearable pain, paralyzed on and off, totally exhausted, completely isolated from life and social interactions, lonely, not able to do anything but laying down. I was crawling over the floor. Sometimes I woke up blind. Or talked backwards. 


I had become bitter and angry. Angry with doctors who didn’t believe or help me, doctors who told me every visit that it was all between my ears, doctors who said that nothing could be done. But this anger was my drive to keep searching for a solution. I was stubborn. I didn’t want to give up, even though everybody had taken away my hope for cure…  



I still remember that day in April, when I found the solution for my debilitating condition. I discovered raw food. A new world opened up to me, I read all day long and knew: “This is it!” I could feel it in every cell of my body! The next day I was 100% raw, even if I didn’t know what I was doing. I just did it. I started by stopping to cook my food. Pretty easy when you're too tired to cook!


I used the thorough analysis I had made during my ongoing research, made all the links, connected my “Aha” moments, adjusted everything to my new food. Ten days later my pain had gone and I managed to walk pain free. Three months later I was able to stay up all day long, to build up the energy I could only dream of in the past. I had cracked the code. I was cured. 


My recovery to optimal health could begin...


But the most exciting takeaway from healing was: I had found a new passion, mission included.  I had gotten a second chance in life and wanted to make that count. I didn’t know how yet, but I knew it would come my way.


At that very moment, I made the commitment to myself to immerse myself in absolutely everything that was connected to a living plant-based diet, to generating energy (I still had a way to go), to learn about the science and psychology of change and how to change a mindset that was hooked on draining habits. 


I read all the books I could get about plant-based food, detox and cleansing. I invested in an intensive coaching program to process my illness, to shift my mindset and to overcome my fear of exposing myself to the world. I had been completely invisible for years and now there I was: 52, overdue and a high risk for employers, feeling as if I woke up after a long sleep and the face of the world had changed. How could I possibly fit back in and catch up with the speed of a workaholic society, recovering from being a workaholic before the crash? 


I was determined: nothing would stop me! I had a message and I would become an expert, even if I had past my fifties. I had lost my job, couldn’t find work with my history and age. What first seemed to be a disaster became my opportunity to a new career. I started studying again, became a certified raw food coach and started my business “Ravishing Raw” in that first month of my study. Yes I'm a do-er, a decisive action taker, an implementer. After losing 5 precious years of my life, there's no more time to waste.


During this process I had only one thing in mind: helping others, making a ripple effect in the world. Not just in my own small pool. The first opportunity came to me very soon; my friend, who was just diagnosed with Südeck disease and given up by the doctors. Their painful treatments didn’t work out for her. She was desperate when I visited her. I didn’t think one moment and said: 

“From now on, you will only eat what I prepare for you! I’ll come to you every day and help you heal yourself.”


She and her husband were in tears. And so I did: for almost 3 months I went to her place and made all her food -her right arm and hand were completely disabled at that time-. We made a picture of her hand every day. After only five days it started looking like normal again, ten days later she could move her fingers, after a few weeks she was helping me and 3 months later her doctor was stunned: she had completely healed!


This was the moment I received the proof that the strategies I used to heal myself, could also help others. I designed my first signature system “Ravishing Raw FooDprint™”, my blueprint for restoring energy so that the body can start healing itself. 


At that very moment I thought: “This is it.” But you know what the best part of a life journey is? You keep bumping into new places, people and opportunities. A story never ends. We all keep adding new stories, new experiences that we can turn into important work.

So did I, when I decided to follow my heart, discarded my whole life and crossed the ocean with only 2 suitcases to start a new life with the love of my life. You know, I created this hashtag #lifestartsat60 during that process because it taught me so much about myself. By persisting in the tough parts of BIG change, I discovered a new dimension that I’m bringing to my work with strong women.

I made #mybigmove at an age when many people start thinking about retiring, get scared of doing something new with their life and business. I see so many women with big dreams stop themselves in their tracks because they think they are “too old,” “too fat,” “too shy,” “too ugly.” Women often feel too old before they even hit their lovely forties!

So now, with this amazing experience of completely starting from scratch at 60!, I know that I can inspire women to pursuit their dreams or ambitions at ANY age. I know what it takes. I did it. I know how to do it.

I wish I had someone who would have held my hand when I was doubting myself and my decision, someone who could lay it all out for me, checklists included :-)

Living in New York now, I’m taking my business (and life of course) to a next, even more exciting level! I want to give successful women the FULL package that is absolutely life-changing for them and that makes their big “move” possible.

And yes, it all starts with energy! I would have never gotten where I am now without this bada$$ energy!

Of course, as an eternal student, I keep investing in my education with the best mentors out there, attending seminars to learn how to grow my business and stretch myself. It feels incredible to be able to do all these amazing things after years of disability.


Who are your clients exactly?

When I started, I wanted to help everyone. I guess that’s the idealism of every beginner. But I learned that if I wanted to be known as a leading authority, I needed to narrow it down and become really good at 1 thing. At that time I had no idea yet what that one thing was, or what my special talent was. I was just enjoying being able to do what I loved doing. 


Soon I started attracting professionals: world-class musicians, entrepreneurs, experts. Most of these busy leaders were overweighed, stressed out, they lacked the energy to perform and live the way they wanted to. It was so easy to understand them, to deliver the results they wanted because I was one myself. I was facing the same challenges of a busy schedule and had organized myself in such a way that my self-care was part of my agenda and calendar. A Grammy winning jazz musician and producer was my first client and he still is today. 


So now, I only work with experts. And to me you’re an expert when you are a business owner, an entrepreneur, a high performer, an artist, a game-changer, a coach, a mentor, a leader, an influencer,… you know your stuff, you have expertise in what you do. You are leading by example. But… how is this example looking and feeling like? I started thinking and creating programs with "Creating Healthy Leaders" in the back of my mind. 


What started as “Ravishing Raw™” has recently become “Energy For Experts™.” I rebranded my whole business, created a new website to bring my work and unique concept across in a better and much bigger way. 


I’m proud of my darling clients and I’m proud to say that I helped world class jazz musicians, entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, and TEDx- and event organizers lose excess pounds, reverse pre-diabetic and diabetes type 2 conditions, thyroid issues, overcome emotional eating and binging, alcoholism and drug abuse. I'm proud to say that I helped them change their life. Some started a second business. Others dumped their draining business and asked my help to start a new business with their new passion. Getting rid of issues that claimed their energy changed their whole life.  


How are you different from other coaches?


I’m the only coach who is specialized in creating happy, healthy leaders by maxing out energy levels and making health part of your business!



I based my work on 3 big pillars: mindset, a living plant-based diet and self-mastery.

Food is not about food™".

That’s what most “food experts” don’t understand.

That’s what sets me apart as an energy expert: energy is in everything you do. Or don't do. 

Food is only a small part of that and it isn't just about what you put in your mouth, but when and why...

Food is about stress, work, fear, emotions, relationships... life itself.

Those are the real factors we work with to build a new relationship with food. Making recipes is nice, but it’s only a small part of what we do to free up all the trapped energy. Then we move on to what's really bugging you.


And then of course, there’s the factor “time.” My clients don’t have time. A crazy busy business coach once told me: "I don't have time to cut all that sh$t!" And she wasn't alone. So I came up with a unique concept that makes it easy to integrate your new lifestyle in the limited timeframe you have available: I show you how to run their health like you run their business. 


I love bringing all my talents and skills to the table whenever needed. At some point in my life I thought that I "had" to choose 1 thing to be really great at: now I'm excellent because of my unique skill set! For instance: I love being so heavenly practical! I love organizing, making things easy for my busy clients. They get many advantages from that as I get a lot done for you that saves you loads of time: all you need to do is pick up the resources, follow my lead, implement and have fun. The more I work with experts, the more I focus on simplifying things: it’s so essential to make it all doable for busy leaders so you too, can keep committing to a healthy lifestyle. 

Celebrating a mind blowing and life-changing VIP day with a darling client.

Celebrating a mind blowing and life-changing VIP day with a darling client.


A while ago a coach told me how she would love to gain energy but how “blocked” she felt to step into a plant-based diet because she was convinced it would take too much of the time she needs for her clients. So when I asked her if she would be able to take 30 minutes a day to prepare her fresh delish, her face cleared up and she was one big smile! Cooking takes much, much longer! 

Raw food is the new fast food!


One more thing I need to mention here is that I ONLY work with those who are FULLY committed to doing what it takes. The system I have works like a champ, but it does take commitment. As you would commit to your business to succeed or to your relationship, I need your commitment to give you the results you desire for since so long and to be successful in your wellbeing.  No need to contact me if you already know that you can't do that. 


Using a living plant based diet is part of my signature system to start cashing first results fast. I love giving first results quickly because bringing on the experience of an uplifting feeling itself is the best way to make it clear to exhausted experts how quality energy feels like. Usually, they even forgot how that felt! Generating that feeling in such a short time is a talent that distinguishes me for sure and that I cherish very much.

Now, every time I start working with an expert I get the question:

“Oh but do I have to eat everything raw when I do this?”

The answer is "No." Every person is different. This is not a “one size fits all.” This all-the-way-pure-lifestyle is not for everyone. That's ok. Everything I do is tailored to what you want and my approach is personalized. Some want to go all the way, others don’t. For those who don’t, we look for a certain percentage they can or want to maintain, I take you from where you are towards your vision. They get great results, simply because we adjust their current diet as much as we can and then do it consistently. That's where accountability comes in and my clients love it when I check in with them.

Sometimes professionals don’t want to go all the way into this living plant based lifestyle and that’s fine.

Food that you eat is just a small part of what we do and just a start!

More importantly is the food that fuels your mental and emotional life. Changing draining belief systems, unhealthy habits, creating new behaviour around food and people, taking care of yourself with easy to stick to routines, establishing a new relationship with your food and yourself are life-changing and a BIG part of what we do.

From there on, you’ve become unstoppable and we can take it to the ultimate level: to realizing your dream.

There is not just “one truth.” I look for what works for you and that's sustainable on the long run. 


What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me when I want to work with you?


As much as I have loved working with men, I recently decided to only work with successful, hard working business women. Ideally they make 6 or 7-figures because changing lives comes with a very personal approach and high-ticket investment. With the experiences I have that cover health, business and life itself, I know that these ambitious women need me the most and benefit greatly from the skills I have developed.

Plus they own the characteristics I love being around and working with. Steven Covey once said -and I live by that every day-:

"When you're interested you do what's convenient. When you're committed you do whatever it takes."

I love women who allow new passions and novelties into their lives, the smart cookies, who are openminded to change, who have the guts to jump into the unknown. As you well know: the key to success is implementation. The women who take action are the ones who really thrive in my programs. Even if it's with small steps -which I will encourage in busy schedules-. Every step forward is a step forward!

I only choose and go for the best in life and I know that I get the best results with those who are not afraid to stretch beyond what's comfortable. This is what gets you the results you want. This is what I want for you, so yes, you need to be open to take action without excuses.

Those who do what I suggest and advice, get there in a record time. It’s a different mindset, I know, but that too is something I always help you with from the start. This is a journey full of adventures.



For what type of person is this program NOT going to work?


Very good question! When I started coaching I used to help everyone because of my own history but after a few years I realized that this is not possible. I have set some boundaries so I can truly help those that I accept. I’ve become very selective over the years to serve my clients -and myself- at the very best of my possibilities. A "filter" that I use for my work is "Excellence." To bring that value in everything I do, I choose who I work with. 


I find it extremely important to have a good connection of trust with my clients and that they get the results they’re looking for. So my programs definitely don’t work for those who don’t implement, who lie to me about their process and their intended action steps, who don’t move away from their excuses. The responsibility is theirs and theirs only. I am the catalyst and guide. When it is clear in our acquaintance call that my approach may not serve you, I will be completely honest and open with you and gently refer you to someone else when I can. I see it as my mission to empower you to act independently so you learn, get results faster and can continue your new lifestyle effortlessly after our coaching has ended.


I also have chosen not to work with those who whine or criticise my work. I can’t help you if you belong in this category. I’m not the right fit for you then, nor do I want you to waste both our time and your money. I only say this in your interest, as you will understand by now that I find it so important for you to get the best results from our coaching. I think that’s only fair.


As with everything of high quality, my programs ask for a financial commitment. I have chosen not to work with you when you’re in debt or desperate for money. Why? Because it puts too much pressure and stress on you. I’ve worked several times with women who were financially challenged because I wanted to help them, but had to learn that it doesn’t work out for them, nor for me. They were worrying too much about the next payment and missed out on implementing their new knowledge.

And hey, I know exactly how it feels to live on a financial edge. I’ve been there for many years myself when I had to choose between medication/treatment or buying food for the day. So if you are there right now, I understand. 


That said, many women (I used to do it myself) stand in their own way by saying “I can’t afford it” while they perfectly can, but just don’t want to. Be honest with yourself. Why is that pair of Jimmy Choo’s more important than investing in yourself? I’m a woman, I know how it goes.

Instead of telling yourself “I can’t afford it,” ask yourself: “HOW can I afford it?” and you will see that when you shift your priorities, things that you thought you couldn’t afford get within your reach. You are the most important person in your life, so how can you make "you" priority number 1? 


If you first want to get a feel about what we can do together, I have a few suggestions to help yourself with what I offer for free until you’re ready to invest in yourself and my exclusive services: 


  1. pick up 3 quick raw vegan recipes and my free e-course

These recipes (shopping lists included) give you a sweet introduction into how easy, fast and delicious plant food is. Because every new change starts with a good understanding of the what, why and how, I want to give you a quick basic learning experience with my e-course.

You’ll also receive my weekly, personally written letter that will give you bit size golden nuggets to inspire you and help you to get started by yourself until you are ready to work with me in private. 


2. Join my energy club 

You are not alone. Join my growing community of experts who have the same challenges as you have and who "get" you!


3.Visit my website on a regular basis:

Stay in touch to know when I offer awesome sauce, keep an eye on my new blog posts that cover hot topics or personal experiences with change, cleansing and detoxing, recipes, mindset, organization,… 


These 3 action steps will already help you to get focused on your health and wellbeing. When you are ready, email me and we can take you from there. I’m here when you need me, so no rush.


What exactly is your "Fit, Happy & Rich Lifestyle" program and how does it work?


Creating a fit, happy and rich lifestyle is what happens when you start changing your food: just that one change triggers a natural change in the way you think and how you act. How so? Well, from the moment that you get more energy, everything becomes possible. Where your attention goes, energy flows...

My system is a blueprint of proven strategies we follow to

✗ reset your mind for success

✗ reshape your body for (more) confidence and feel good

✗ create emotional freedom from food

✗ balance the different areas in your life so you can generate a constant flow of lasting energy

✗ create the business and life you feel in alignment with

Don't worry: I love bringing it seamlessly in a sexy, attractive and fun way. That's how I role! 

Besides that, I love taking business systems, giving them a twist and apply them for your self-care and wellbeing. Let me give you a rough idea of the phases I guide you through during our time together. They may already look and feel familiar as that's how you work in your business...

✗ Startup your health & energy with a vision, a map and a timeline

Being healthy doesn’t mean “the absence of disease.” In the first place it means: how to make yourself “whole.” I don't mean to be whoo-whoo here (I'm a both feet on the ground gal) but feeling fulfilled is just a wonderful state of being to make business and life a flow. What is it exactly you don’t like about your body, in your work, in your life? These are the things you want to change as they "feed" your urge for certain foods and eating habits. We explore your vision on your personal and professional life and how to stretch it from small to big thinking and achieving.

To change things it's essential to have that kind of clarity and a long-term vision. You need to know what you want but most importantly: WHY you want it. So yes, there will be some soul searching to get clear on your goals, what makes your heart sing. And a timeline. We entrepreneurs love working like that and we'll bring this to your wellbeing.

With clarity comes a new mindset: the loving kind of mindset you need to do whatever it takes to make a difference to yourself, the ones you love and the ones you work with! This is a very empowering phase with many essential insights that will serve all areas in your life and strengthen you for any change that may be challenging.

✗ CREATe an inspiring work place & set up support systems

To succeed in what you do, you need to create an inspiring "work" environment: from your cupboards to your fridge to your kitchen to your car, even your desk and your purse or bag: we got it covered! We're setting up whatever YOU need to be successful on all levels.

A business without set-and-forget-systems doesn't function at its maximum capacities. So can't you when you're crazy busy and don't have time when you're preparing an important event, a launch, a speaking gig. When you're too busy to eat well, your energy goes down and you start underperforming. It's easy to fall of the wagon when you get caught up in your to-do list. So, we prepare for those times. Actually, we create easy set-and-forget-systems in your kitchen, organize you for challenging weeks or traveling. Being prepared is everything for a busy entrepreneur like you!

And... we also want to make sure that you can bring this saved time to doing more of what you love doing as a person.

✗ who's on your team? MAKE PARTNERS IN CRIME

Have you noticed too that when you start eating differently, the vibe around you at the table changes? Not cool! But it's important to understand that food is a language, a non-verbal communication tool. As soon as you start eating differently, you become the weirdo, the freak and all of a sudden people get rather uncomfortable when you eat healthy and they don't, they find it difficult to talk to you for real. We want to tackle those social challenges so that you can keep your cool and your loved one around the table, too. 

What separates successful people from the not so successful ones? They don't do things alone! They surround themselves with the best professional support. As in business life, we leverage your success by creating a winning wellbeing team (both professional and friend based), by teaming up with like minded professionals, by making partners in crime. You'll learn how to seduce and get those people on board (be it only with understanding, compassion and support) who matter the most to you and you spend most of your time with. Together, you can do so much more!


Starting a business is easy, but making it profitable requires the right tools, strategies, systems and tactics. Same here: you're on a roll now but we want more! We want to leverage your energy levels -which are already staggering at this point-, make things really easy and consistent. So we'll sharpen your saw with a brand new and exciting skill set, to the point health strategies and tactics. We're always looking at how we can improve and simplify things for you. 


vip intensives & energy cuisine

By the way, in our monthly "Energy Cuisine Session" we get all hands-on in our virtual kitchen with exciting techniques that make your pure dishes tasty and look attractive. My clients LOVE these fun-factor sessions over the computer. I send you the shopping list, we shop and gather to have an inspiring time. We organize your busy week or experiment with your taste, introduce new skills to make gorgeous fast food. No "rabbit food" allowed! We're going for pure culinary beauty and luxurious business class on your plate! 

In my VIP program I'm even inviting you over to my place for a boost of new know-how and sharpening the saw together!

Experts who want a first experience love my VIP weekends: they fly over to me and walk away with a new vision and inspired mindset, more energy and a clear map with tactics they can apply right away. Oh and with a goodie bag and a BIG smile on their face!



✗ CREATE NEW HABITS & routines

Successful people have healthy habits and routines. Period. Success is about adding consistency on autopilot. Food is not just about what you eat but also why and when. Understanding your current distracting triggers and how you behave because of them, how to replace them by new ones, will reward you with the behaviour you long for since years. Getting to know yourself better and becoming more aware of how you keep sabotaging yourself is the real deal. Don't worry, we'll keep it the right fit for you and your schedule. Every little change adds up very quickly because we're reprogramming your brain to think its own thoughts and make its own decisions. Yep, the science of change and psychology is backing you up!

This is a big part of creating emotional freedom from your food, because you're set up with a myriad of triggers that keep your "bad" habits in the loop. With awareness comes a different sense of being and you can start building a new relationship with yourself and your food. And the best part you may relate to right away is, that your focus consuming cravings back off for good. 


✗ manage yourself with Self-mastery systems & become the person you love being the most

Being on fire all the time and walking on the edge to run your business can burn out your motor. Self-care is not always easy for a busy soul. There are but so many hours in a day, right? With all that new energy it's getting easier to apply better time-management for your wellbeing and dreams. What you first may have been rejecting because it felt like a waste of time to just sit around, will start growing on you because you're falling back in love with yourself. That's the feeling you'll get when you start taking some time to yourself and even increase it. Now that you have more energy, you get 3 times more done in your day, you can stop earlier in the evening and do just anything you want! 

Fuelling your oil lamp every day is essential if you want to keep shining. Soon, you will master the art of being a little more selfish, taking time to yourself and enjoy it fully! 


✗ create a fit, happy & rich lifestyle

Ok. You got energy. You got skills. You got a kickass body. You got clarity. And that's when it happens: now what? It's like when you paint 3 walls of your room and the fourth wall looks dirtier than ever, while it still is the same wall. Know what I mean? All of a sudden your life feels like that unpainted wall, certain relationships or the work you do. It's just no longer aligned with the person you have become and love being so much. Happiness and feeling fulfilled is the best guarantee for optimal health, so we're going for the perfect match. Well, perfect as in "the absolutely best!"

But it's all connected really: when you have energy everything becomes possible. You have a body you can trust and that you love and feel confident about on stage or in videos. You love yourself more for taking such good care of yourself, you feel happy and are much better company for yourself (and others), you're upgrading the quality level of new people you surround yourself with, you're making more impact, making more money because you get more done in your day... so, making your business fit your new vision is a logical next step. It all has to line up and that's a next thing I love helping my darling clients with: design that new business or pick up that sluggish business and make it feel as alive as you do now. 

How quickly can I expect results?


Oh! Very quickly but let me make a few nuances as I want to be clear on a few factors involved in the way you make progress.


Nevertheless, the good news is that once you step into eating more pure, shift your mindset, apply the self management tools I give to you, tangible results are appearing very fast.


Many clients experience improvement after only a few days already, others need a few weeks. I had several clients who lost 50 to 60 pounds (25 -30 kg) in a few months only, pre-diabetes and diabetes type 2 was reversed in one month, Hyperthyroidism healed in 3 months, clients who experienced huge energy increase within the first week of their transition, a client with a binging history of 15 years overcame her constant urge in 3 months, a 37 year young client could leave out 10 serious medications in less than one month after 15 years of dragging himself throughout his days…  These are all life changing successes!


Generally most people experience a huge difference within 1 to 3 months. It’s always so amazing to follow their process and seeing how they lose overweight effortlessly without restricting or counting calories, how their energy is swinging, their skin starts glowing, how their mood brightens up, how their libido improves, how much more productive they become, focused, how much clarity they get in all areas of their lives, how bold they become in making changes, how they detach themselves from addictive foods, how youthful they feel and look, … the list goes on and on.  It’s so much fun to see them transform in such a short time.


Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Yes, sure you can and I would be happy if you would! You can read success stories and experiences of experts who felt exhausted and had no time for self-care throughout my website. When you feel drawn to someone particularly, I’m sure they won’t mind you asking them how they experienced our work and results.

Marie-Claire, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the one I want to learn from. How do we get started?

Ah, the key question :-)

Here is what you do: let's set some time to have a conversation (my treat) so we can talk more about your challenges and give you clarity around what you want, see if we're a good fit and if I can help. I'm going to be very transparent here: I don't say "Yes" when I feel that I can't be of service to you. Is that ok with you? I'm being very honest about that. But other than that, if we're a good match and I know that I can help you get your desired results, I'm your girl!

let’s explore what’s on your mind and if we’re a good fit.

We’ll take it from there.

If I’m not sure I’m ready to get started, how can I sample your work at low cost to see if it’s the right solution for me?

If you want to get to know me a bit better before applying for private coaching, let me inspire you with some quick plant based recipes and my e-course, my weekly letter that gives you valuable content you can implement on the spot.

Check out my Youtube channel, connect with me on Facebook and Linkedin.

Or start with my powerful online course at a no-brainer investment: I have a 3-day Mindset Makeover Bootcamp that will put the first layer that makes your health intentions stick.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you!