What exactly is the “Energy FooDprint Success System™ ” and what does it include?


Creating excellent health and premium energy levels begins with understanding your body. What are your struggles and challenges, what is your body reacting to exactly, what is the cause of your struggle and how can we reset your body into a healing modus. My system is a blueprint of proven strategies we follow to reset your mind and body, to balance the different areas in your life so you can generate a constant flow of lasting energy. So let me take you through these steps for a moment so you understand why my blueprint is so powerful! 


  • You are what you think! Get clarity on your “B.I.G.  W.H.Y.”; your “Beyond Imagination Goal Why to Heal Yourself”.

Being healthy doesn’t mean “the absence of disease.” In the first place it means: how to make yourself “whole.” What is it exactly you don’t like about your body, in your work, in your life? These are the things you want to change. We explore your vision on your personal and professional life and how to stretch it from small to big thinking and achieving. To change things it is essential to have that kind of clarity, to know what you want but most importantly: WHY you want it. So yes, there will be some soul searching to get clear on your goals, what makes your heart sing. With clarity comes a new mindset: the mindset you need to do whatever it takes to make a difference to yourself, the ones you love and the ones you work with! This is a very empowering process with many essential insights that will serve all areas in your life and strengthen you for any change that may be challenging.


  • Set yourself up for success. 

To succeed in what you do, you need to create your success support systems, from family to friends to colleagues, from your cupboards to your fridge to your kitchen. We are setting up whatever YOU need to be successful, meaning: we are supporting the change within you with positive and inspiring change in your environment. When you eat different than your surroundings, your social life may be challenged at certain moments. We design a social support system for you; how to deal with restaurants, how to prepare yourself when you go out, for travel abroad, for a longer stay far away from your comfort zone. Once you have these systems all set up, you can use them over as a framework for your success! 


  • Understand your body’s systems and how you “support” them.

Before you can generate lasting energy or balance yourself, you need to understand how your body is working, why it is challenging you to change unhealthy habits. I analyze your situation and point out the possible causes of your issues. We tackle them by going right to the core. I teach you “the why” and because of this, you’ll understand all our following steps, shake off possible resistance, eliminate self-sabotage systems, ditch the excuses that kept you there in the first place. Everything is connected and that’s what you’ll learn about yourself. But not just that: you will own this powerful strategy for any next challenge in the future.


  • Increase your energy levels. 

The first thing all my clients want to improve when they start working with me is: their lack of energy, the ongoing fatigue that wears them out. They want to get rid of that sluggish, demotivating feeling like… yesterday. And because I know how awful that kind of fatigue feels, we already introduced a way to increase your energy levels from day one of our coaching. In this phase we start upgrading your energy by transferring from cooked to uncooked, step by step. We leave out what is exhausting your systems, we replace them with energizing foods and drinks. You will learn all the different techniques with which you can make your pure dishes look attractive and tasty. Take a peek in my energy cuisine if you have no idea yet what to expect. Eating plant based is so much more than “salads” and it is far from the “rabbit” food you thought it would be. Accordingly to your taste, we can set you up with the style of raw food that suits you best to make this transition smoothly and successfully. 


  • Master your health physically, mentally, emotionally.

Time to tackle the addiction to junk foods with knowledge and practical strategies. Now that you made new progress, it is time to structure your new lifestyle. We get you all organized in your kitchen so that it's easy for you to make healthy choices in busy times and in non-ideal circumstances. You’re ready to learn how to own  your lifestyle, how to master your health. Very helpful in this phase is having a “before” blood test to see where you are exactly and having another blood test after a few months. This is how we can track your results and if you did the work, they’re always stunning. In the meantime you’re already feeling the difference of your new nourishment. But actually seeing your results black on white is very encouraging and a scientific affirmation of your change. After all: you like tracking your results in your business, too. You will learn how to take fully charge of your health by aligning your physical health with your mental and emotional health. 


  • Detox and cleanse your body, mind and life.

From the moment on that you start eating pure foods, the body starts releasing what got it stuck. This means a lot is going on, all systems are getting rid of the clutter that had you down for months, years, often even a lifetime. I guide you through this whole process and whatever that comes up for you. It’s different for everyone, so we take it as it comes. Detoxing your body always results in the need of getting rid of the clutter on your desk, in your office, in your environment. So that’s what we do too: creating even more clarity by getting rid of all the clutter on all levels. You will love it because all of the sudden you have so much more space than you ever thought! Cleansing your body and environment makes sure that you remove all the toxins that have entered your body, profession and life so you will feel light and vitalized, inspired. 


  • Self-management before time management! 

To be at the top of your game and to max out your potential, your capacities, you need a top condition. Experts usually spend all their time working 24/7. Now that you transferred to a living plant-based diet (or to a high percentage, as you wish), you are on fire. You became much more productive and are getting so much more done in a shorter period of time. This means: you created free time for yourself and the life you love living. The danger of being so excited that you have all this new energy is, that you will use it to work even more or harder. This is where our “self management” step comes in. We design a personal framework that works and serves you on a daily basis. Self-care is your new priority to keep that feel.




You’ll get all the materials you need for your progress. You have exclusive email access to me if you have questions, and we have our weekly sessions to create a continuous flow of energy that will accelerate your progress.


Living healthy is an attitude, a mentality. And it’s exactly this mentality that you will own after working with me. You’ll absolutely love that new shaped body, you will embrace your vitality, you’ll stun your loved ones, your clients and peeps will love being around you.