What exactly is your "Fit, Happy & Rich Lifestyle" program and how does it work?


Creating a fit, happy and rich lifestyle is what happens when you start changing your food: just that one change triggers a natural change in the way you think and how you act. Because from the moment on that you get more energy, everything becomes possible. Where your attention goes, energy flows...

My system is a blueprint of proven strategies we follow to reset your mind and body, to create emotional freedom from food and to balance the different areas in your life so you can generate a constant flow of lasting energy. Don't worry: I love bringing it seamlessly in a sexy, attractive and fun way. That's how I role! Besides that, I love taking business systems, giving them a twist and apply them for your self-care and wellbeing. Let me give you a rough idea of the phases I guide you through during our time together. They may already look and feel familiar as that's how you work in your business...

✗ Startup your health & energy with a vision, a map and a timeline

Being healthy doesn’t mean “the absence of disease.” In the first place it means: how to make yourself “whole.” I don't mean to be whoo-whoo here (I'm a both feet on the ground gal) but feeling fulfilled is just a wonderful state of being to make business and life a flow. What is it exactly you don’t like about your body, in your work, in your life? These are the things you want to change as they "feed" your urge for certain foods and eating habits. We explore your vision on your personal and professional life and how to stretch it from small to big thinking and achieving.

To change things it's essential to have that kind of clarity and a long-term vision. You need to know what you want but most importantly: WHY you want it. So yes, there will be some soul searching to get clear on your goals, what makes your heart sing. And a timeline. We entrepreneurs love working like that and we'll bring this to your wellbeing.

With clarity comes a new mindset: the loving kind of mindset you need to do whatever it takes to make a difference to yourself, the ones you love and the ones you work with! This is a very empowering phase with many essential insights that will serve all areas in your life and strengthen you for any change that may be challenging.

✗ CREATe an inspiring work place & set up support systems

To succeed in what you do, you need to create an inspiring "work" environment: from your cupboards to your fridge to your kitchen to your car, even your desk and your purse or bag: we got it covered! We're setting up whatever YOU need to be successful.

A business without set-and-forget-systems doesn't function at its maximum capacities. So can't you when you're crazy busy and don't have time when you're preparing an important event, a launch, a speaking gig. When you're too busy to eat well, your energy goes down and you start underperforming. It's easy to fall of the wagon when you get caught up in your to-do list. So, we prepare for those times. Actually, we create easy set-and-forget-systems in your kitchen, organize you for challenging weeks or traveling. Being prepared is everything for a busy entrepreneur like you! And... we also want to make sure that you can bring this saved time to doing more of what you love doing as a person.

✗ who's on your team? MAKE PARTNERS IN CRIME

Have you noticed too that when you start eating differently, the vibe around you at the table changes? Not cool! But it's important to understand that food is a language, a non-verbal communication tool. As soon as you start eating differently, you become the weirdo, the freak and all of a sudden people get rather uncomfortable when you eat healthy and they don't, they find it difficult to talk to you for real. We want to tackle those social challenges so that you can keep your cool and your loved one around the table, too. 

What separates successful people from the not so successful ones? They don't do things alone! They surround themselves with the best professional support. As in business life, we leverage your success by creating a winning wellbeing team (both professional and friend based), by teaming up with like minded professionals, by making partners in crime. You'll learn how to seduce and get those people on board (be it only with understanding, compassion and support) who matter the most to you and you spend most of your time with. Together, you can do so much more!


Starting a business is easy, but making it profitable requires the right tools, strategies, systems and tactics. Same here: you're on a roll now but we want more! We want to leverage your energy levels -which are already staggering at this point-, make things really easy and consistent. So we'll sharpen your saw with a brand new and exciting skill set, to the point health strategies and tactics. We're always looking at how we can improve and simplify things for you. 


vip intensives & energy cuisine

By the way, in our monthly "Energy Cuisine Session" we get all hands-on in our virtual kitchen with exciting techniques that make your pure dishes tasty and look attractive. My clients LOVE these fun-factor sessions over the computer. I send you the shopping list, we shop and gather to have an inspiring time. We organize your busy week or experiment with your taste, introduce new skills to make gorgeous fast food. No "rabbit food" allowed! We're going for pure culinary beauty and luxurious business class on your plate! 

In my VIP program I'm even inviting you over to my place for a boost of new know-how and sharpening the saw together!

Experts who want a first experience love my VIP weekends: they fly over to me and walk away with a new vision and inspired mindset, more energy and a clear map with tactics they can apply right away. Oh and with a goodie bag and a BIG smile on their face!



✗ CREATE NEW HABITS & routines

Successful people have healthy habits and routines. Period. Success is about adding consistency on autopilot. Food is not just about what you eat but also why and when. Understanding your current distracting triggers and how you behave because of them, how to replace them by new ones, will reward you with the behaviour you long for since years. Getting to know yourself better and becoming more aware of how you keep sabotaging yourself is the real deal. Don't worry, we'll keep it the right fit for you and your schedule. Every little change adds up very quickly because we're reprogramming your brain to think its own thoughts and make its own decisions. Yep, the science of change and psychology is backing you up!

This is a big part of creating emotional freedom from your food, because you're set up with a myriad of triggers that keep your "bad" habits in the loop. With awareness comes a different sense of being and you can start building a new relationship with yourself and your food. And the best part you may relate to right away is, that your focus consuming cravings back off for good. 


✗ manage your self with Self-mastery systems & become the person you love being the most

Being on fire all the time and walking on the edge to run your business can burn out your motor. Self-care is not always easy for a busy soul. There are but so many hours in a day, right? With all that new energy it's getting easier to apply better time-management for your wellbeing. What you first may have rejecting because it felt like a waste of time to just sit around, will start growing on you because you're falling back in love with yourself. That's the feeling you'll get when you start taking some time to yourself and even increase it. Now that you have more energy, you get 3 times more done in your day, you can stop earlier in the evening and do just anything you want! 

Fuelling your oil lamp every day is essential if you want to keep shining. Soon, you will master the art of being a little more selfish, taking time to yourself and enjoy it fully! 


✗ create a fit, happy & rich lifestyle

You got energy. You got skills. You got a kickass body. You got clarity. And that's when it happens: now what? It's like when you paint 3 walls of your room and the fourth wall looks dirtier than ever, while it still is the same wall. Know what I mean? All of a sudden your life feels like that unpainted wall, certain relationships or the work you do. It's just no longer aligned with the person you have become and love being so much. Happiness and feeling fulfilled is the best guarantee for optimal health, so we're going for the perfect match. Well, perfect as in "the absolutely best!"

But it's all connected really: when you have energy everything becomes possible. You have a body you can trust and that you love and feel confident about on stage or in videos. You love yourself more for taking such good care of yourself, you feel happy and are much better company for yourself (and others), you're upgrading the quality level of new people you surround yourself with, you're making more impact, making more money because you get more done in your day... so, making your business fit your new vision is a logical next step. It all has to line up and that's a next thing I love helping my darling clients with: design that new business or pick up that sluggish business and make it feel as alive as you do now.