What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me when I want to work with you?


Oh I absolutely love people who are determined to reach their goal, whatever it takes. Steven Covey once said -and I live by that every day-:

"When you're interested you do what's convenient. When you're committed you do whatever it takes."

My masterclasses, workshops/ateliers, services and programs are created for those who are excited to learn, pick up and apply fast. I love people who allow new passions or novelties into their lives, who are smart -kind- cookies, who are open to change, who have guts and dare boldly. I love people who can’t wait to soak my knowledge and expertise, who honour my full commitment for them, but most importantly: people who can’t wait to implement everything they learn! Because this is the key to success: implementation, action! Not only professionally, also health wise. People who take action are the ones who really thrive in my programs. Even if it's with small steps -which I will encourage in busy schedules-. Every step forward is a step forward!


I only choose and go for the best in life and I know that I get the best results with those who are not afraid to stretch beyond what's comfortable. This is what gets you the results you want. This is what I want for you, so yes, you need to be open to take action without excuses. Those who do what I ask them to do, get there in a record time. It’s a different mindset, I know, but that too is something I always help you with from the start. This is a journey full of adventures.