How are you different from other coaches? 


I’m the only coach who is specialized in creating healthy leaders by generating sustainable energy and making health part of your business!



I based my work on 3 big pillars: mindset, a living plant-based diet and self-mastery.

Food is not about food™".

That’s what most “food experts” don’t understand.

That’s what sets me apart as an energy expert: energy is in everything you do. Or don't do. 

Food is only a small part of that and it isn't just about what you put in your mouth, but when and why...

Food is about stress, work, fear, emotions, relationships... life itself.

Those are the real factors we work with to build a new relationship with food. Making recipes is nice, but it’s only a small part of what we do to free up all the trapped energy. Then we move on to what's really bugging you.


And then of course, there’s the factor “time.” My clients don’t have time. A crazy busy business coach once told me: "I don't have time to cut all that sh$t!" And she wasn't alone. So I came up with a unique concept that makes it easy to integrate your new lifestyle in the limited timeframe you have available: I show you how to run their health like you run their business. 


I love bringing all my talents and skills to the table whenever needed. At some point in my life I thought that I "had" to choose 1 thing to be really great at: now I'm excellent because of my unique skill set! For instance: I love being so heavenly practical! I love organizing, making things easy for my busy clients. They get many advantages from that as I get a lot done for you that saves you loads of time: all you need to do is pick up the resources, follow my lead, implement and have fun. The more I work with experts, the more I focus on simplifying things: it’s so essential to make it all doable for busy leaders so you too, can keep committing to a healthy lifestyle. 

Celebrating a mind blowing and life-changing VIP day with a darling client. 

Celebrating a mind blowing and life-changing VIP day with a darling client. 


A while ago a coach told me how she would love to gain energy but how “blocked” she felt to step into a plant-based diet because she was convinced it would take too much of the time she needs for her clients. So when I asked her if she would be able to take 30 minutes a day to prepare her fresh delish, her face cleared up and she was one big smile! Cooking takes much, much longer! 

Raw food is the new fast food!


One more thing I need to mention here is that I ONLY work with those who are FULLY committed to doing what it takes. The system I have works like a champ, but it does take commitment. As you would commit to your business to succeed or to your relationship, I need your commitment to give you the results you desire for since so long and to be successful in your wellbeing.  No need to contact me if you already know that you can't do that. 


Using a living plant based diet is part of my signature system to start cashing first results fast. I love giving first results quickly because bringing on the experience of an uplifting feeling itself is the best way to make it clear to exhausted experts how quality energy feels like. Usually, they even forgot how that felt! Generating that feeling in such a short time is a talent that distinguishes me for sure and that I cherish very much.

Now, every time I start working with an expert I get the question:

“Oh but do I have to eat everything uncooked when I do this?”

The answer is "No." Every person is different. This is not a “one size fits all.” This all-the-way-pure-lifestyle is not for everyone. That's ok. Everything I do is tailored to what you want and my approach is personalized. Some want to go all the way, others don’t. For those who don’t, we look for a certain percentage they can or want to maintain, I take you from where you are towards your vision. They get great results, simply because we adjust their current diet as much as we can and then do it consistently. That's where accountability comes in and my clients love it when I check in with them.

Sometimes professionals don’t want to go all the way into this living plant based lifestyle and that’s fine. Food that you eat is just a small part of what we do. More importantly is the food that fuels your mental and emotional life. Changing draining belief systems, unhealthy habits, creating new behaviour around food and people, taking care of yourself with easy to stick to routines, establishing a new relationship with your food and yourself are life-changing and a BIG part of what I do. There is not just “one truth.” I look for what works for you and that's sustainable on the long run.