How quickly can I expect results?


Oh! Very quickly but let me make a few nuances as I want to be clear on a few factors involved in the way you make progress.


Nevertheless, the good news is that once you step into eating more pure, shift your mindset, apply the self management tools I give to you, tangible results are appearing very fast.


Many clients experience improvement after only a few days already, others need a few weeks. I had several clients who lost 50 to 60 pounds (25 -30 kg) in a few months only, pre-diabetes and diabetes type 2 was reversed in one month, Hyperthyroidism healed in 3 months, clients who experienced huge energy increase within the first week of their transition, a client with a binging history of 15 years overcame her constant urge in 3 months, a 37 year young client could leave out 10 serious medications in less than one month after 15 years of dragging himself throughout his days…  These are all life changing successes!


Generally most people experience a huge difference within 1 to 3 months. It’s always so amazing to follow their process and seeing how they lose overweight effortlessly without restricting or counting calories, how their energy is swinging, their skin starts glowing, how their mood brightens up, how their libido improves, how much more productive they become, focused, how much clarity they get in all areas of their lives, how bold they become in making changes, how they detach themselves from addictive foods, how youthful they feel and look, … the list goes on and on.  It’s so much fun to see them transform in such a short time.