For what type of person is this program NOT going to work?


Very good question! When I started coaching I used to help everyone because of my own history but after a few years I realized that this is not possible. I have set some boundaries so I can truly help those that I accept. I don’t work with just anybody anymore. I’ve become very selective over the years to serve my clients -and myself- at the very best of my possibilities. A "filter" that I use for my work is "Excellence." To bring that value in everything I do, I choose who I work with. 


I find it extremely important to have a good connection of trust with my clients and that they get the results they’re looking for. So my programs definitely don’t work for those who don’t implement, who lie to me about their process and their intended action steps, who don’t move away from their excuses. The responsibility is theirs and theirs only. I am the catalyst and guide. When it is clear in our acquaintance call that my approach may not serve you, I will be completely honest and open with you and gently refer you to someone else when I can. I see it as my mission to empower you to act independently so you learn, get results faster and can continue your new lifestyle effortlessly after our coaching has ended.


I also have chosen not to work with those who whine or criticise my work. I can’t help you if you belong in this category. I’m not the right fit for you then, nor do I want you to waste both our time and your money. I only say this in your interest, as you will understand by now that I find it so important for you to get the best results from our coaching. I think that’s only fair.


As with everything of high quality, my programs ask for a financial commitment. If you’re in debt, desperate for money, you may have to look for a temporary solution that doesn’t stress you out until you saved up. Because in that case, you will be worrying too much and miss out on implementing your new knowledge into your new lifestyle. Now, I know exactly how it feels to live on a financial edge. I’ve been there for many years myself when I had to choose between medication/treatment or buying food for the day. So if you are there right now, no problem. I understand. 


But don’t stand in your own way by saying “I can’t afford it” too quickly. Do yourself a favour, change your way of thinking and ask yourself; “HOW can I afford it?” and you will see that when you shift your priorities, things that you thought you couldn’t afford get within your reach. You are the most important person in your life, so how can you make "you" priority number 1? 


If you really don’t have the money I have a few suggestions to help yourself with what I offer for free until you can invest in yourself and my exclusive services: 


by making 1 small change to your busy day. You’ll also receive my weekly ezine that will give you bit size golden nuggets to inspire you and help you to get started by yourself until you are ready to work with me in private. 


a growing community of experts who have the same challenges as you have and "get" you!


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These 3 action steps will already help you to get focused on your health. When you are ready, email me and we can take you from there. I’m here when you need me, so no rush.