Brand Your Body™

Brand Your Body™


(Re)branding your business and website are so much fun. But when was the last time you refreshed your own homepage: your body? When did you last rewrite the copy for your most important "About" page: you? Do you have enough energy to deliver the promises on your service page? This is the 90 day course that (re)brands your body so that you can be your website and stay on top of your game!

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What's the use to invest in a new website when you are too tired to deliver the promises and results? The 3 seconds you have when a visitor comes to your website are actually the same 3 seconds you can make a first impression with on a potential client, a future business partner. YOU are your website! But...

✗ When was the last time you refreshed your own homepage? 

✗ How is your "About YOU" page looking and feeling like?

✗ Do you have enough energy to deliver the promises on your service page?

"Brand Your Body™" is designed especially for busy professionals like you, ready to invest in making more impact by upgrading your energy, health and confidence levels.

You ARE your website!

Together we'll (re)brand it with a 90-day framework so that it can get more traffic without crashing, attract more ideal clients who trust you and so you can deliver its highest value, every day.  

Time to refresh your own "Homepage," to line up your authenticity in your "About You" page and to upgrade your energy and health for delivering the promises on your "Service" page. 


Using business systems works for your health: it's a language that you love talking, understand and use. That's why my "Brand Your Body™" program is offered as a 90-Day Plan, that you can use as the framework for your self-mastery in the future, for the rest of your life

Instead of re-inventing the wheel to lose uncomfortable pounds, to make fresh healthy meals and finding your way back to the gym, we are taking a few strategies and tactics that work, turn them into solid systems you can rely on and once these are set, you can put them automatic pilot and "forget" about them. 

What you do for your business works in your wellbeing, if you know the whys, whats and hows. That's what this 90-day high end online course will do for you so that by the end of these 3 months, you have an exciting doable framework that you can repeat 4 times in your year. 


✗ You only need this one framework to upgrade your health and energy, consistently

✗ You can repeat it as often as you like, tweak and improve it as you go and grow

✗ You don't have to cook (don't you hate cooking too when you're tired?)

✗ You will get all the check lists and templates you need to set up your systems

✗ I'm giving you easy, delicious uncooked plant based recipes that only take 10 to 15 minutes to make

✗ Of course, I'm including the shopping lists per recipe

✗ This is all about simplifying the part that you have been ignoring and dreaded doing: self-mastery


✗ You will double up your energy level sooner that you thought was possible

✗ You will have more clarity and make better decisions

✗ Your focus and concentration will get laser sharp: you'll get twice (if not more) as much done in your day

✗ You will lose those stubborn (hormonal) pounds without effort

✗ Say goodbye to your (monthly) headaches, migraines and PMS mood

✗ You'll find new pleasure spending quality time in your kitchen: it's your new glass of wine to wind down

✗ Your skin will clear up, wrinkles will fade

✗ You'll get your zest back to do more of what you love doing, even after a long business day

✗ You will love yourself for what you're doing for yourself

✗ The confidence you may have lost to your fatigue, is back!

✗ You'll make more money because you have the energy to show up "outstandingly" 

I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of advantages that you will indulge eagerly. But what it comes down to in a few words...


During this online course you will also...

✗ Enjoy my personal presence: all trainings are done live in the first round of this program (so this is really special!) 

✗ Get a BONUS theme-training at the beginning of each month to accelerate and assure your results

✗ Have a chance to catch up with replays if you missed live calls

✗ Be supported in a new, intimate community of busy leaders who "get" you

✗ Be held accountable in this journey so that you get results fast

✗ Have the opportunity to ask your questions or advice for possible challenges in a group coaching call each month

✗ Have one private 50 minute conversation with me every month to tune in with your specific challenges and journey


First impression first! This month is focused on leaving out what is weighing and slowing you down while systematically replacing those draining habits with activating alternatives. We're "stripping" your body from (too much) fat and fatigue. You can take it as far as you want, but I'm here to give you the full experience that blows you off your socks.

100% commitment = 100% results. 

⤞ We start with a BONUS training to rewire your mind: this will change the way you do things... or not. 

⤞ A 60 minute training will bring the exact know-how on what and how to do things precisely. Will be recorded.

⤞ We change your breakfast habits so that you can start feeling new energy kick in

⤞ You'll receive new breakfast options that will become your new "cereals". Don't worry: they are scrumptious!

⤞ I'm briefly checking in with your process on a weekly basis and expect you to get back at me so I can support you

⤞ Every week we're taking a next small step, building up energy and finishing one "sub-project" at a time

⤞ In the second half of this month, we start tweaking your lunch (if you didn't already yourself)

⤞ By the end of week 4, you'll have cut down: caffeine drinks, dairy, sugar, alcohol, gluten, animal products

By the end of this first month you will have twice as much energy (or at least much more energy), your mood has improved, your eyes are more open and sparkling again, you knocked a few years off your face, you quit walking on the edge of stress or anxiousness, you cut out most of your cravings -vague little complaints and medication included-, your foggy brain is clearing up, your focus is sharper, you're getting more done at your desk and who knows, maybe you can stop working earlier too. Your belt feels looser and you may fit back into your favourite networking clothes.


This is all about your "About You" page, your story and the values you live by. How true are they at this point in your career? Are you able to walk your talk? Are you leading or being led? This is about simplifying, about your integrity, your authenticity, your core values.

We are re-aligning you with your purpose, your mission by creating time that brings calm back into your life and the space to live more. Overwhelm often blurs our vision and takes us off course. We are minimising this month. Minimising the amount of food decisions you make a day, minimising effort, struggle. 

⤞ The BONUS theme-training is focused on what a few minimalism principles can change in your work and life flow

⤞ Our 60 minute training will show you the practical side of how you can minimise decisions in your kitchen

⤞ Lunch is on me! I'm sending you lovely, delicious fast food recipes that will delight you

⤞ I'm introducing a different way of making dinner with a limited amount of ingredients 

⤞ Snack time! Only better! We're making true brain food that tastes lusciously good and that cuts cravings & hunger

⤞ The shopping lists will be short and sweet: we're bringing minimalism to your recipes, saving precious time 

⤞ Weekly checkins remain because the closer you stay on top of your game, the more results you'll get

⤞ This month too, we will sit down over Zoom and evaluate your process, look at what to improve for your situation

⤞ By the end of week 4, you find it already much easier to completely let go of certain food groups or cutting down more

By the end of this month you started thinking differently, you possibly went through some (emotional) detox, you're clearing out the gunk! Meaning: more energy is kicking in after each process of elimination, more confidence, more laughter, more feel good, more clarity. You are re-writing your story for the future. You start attracting different (better) clients, get new opportunities out of the blue, high end people look up at you and wonder: "What are you doing? I want what you have." You are leading by a healthy example. 


This is your "service" page, how you monetize your brilliance and deliver your promises. I'm sure that you make it as easy as possible for your clients to do the work and get results. Let's do the same for you. Because your energy will only excel what you built or achieved so far.

Now that you have the systems into place, simplified and upgraded the way you nourish yourself, it's time to put your systems on auto-pilot. While the advantages of self-care keep dripping in, it is time to completely claim what's yours now and create the consistency in your daily health journey. Your desire for wellbeing never ends. So you have to keep "marketing" to keep cashing in the results. Of course, you want to do this as easy and doable as possible because only what works is what you will stick to. 

⤞ The BONUS theme-training is how you map out the Project You Plan™ for the future. This will change your way of working!

⤞ Our 60 minute live training is tuning in on automation in your kitchen to get more time on your hands for more fun

⤞ Of course, all these weeks I have been supporting you in different ways: via email, 1:1 & group coaching, in our community

⤞  It's dinner time! When you can make changes in this last meal of the day, you will feel amazing results flowing in

⤞ One of the sub-projects this month are desserts and late night munching habits - soooo daunting and important!

⤞ Your last private call with me will smooth out your past challenges and explore your next step

⤞ At the end of week 4, you will realize how far you have come in such a short time!

⤞ The program is coming to an end with a celebration blast! Keeping that as a surprise

After these 90 days, you have created your very own framework for health and energy, for confidence and success. If you just did what I told you to do, you're unstoppable by now! You dropped the weight you gained since you started your business, your migraines are gone, you feel 20 years younger and well, you probably look 10 years younger now too. 

If you like what you just read and you know that you want to...

✗ lead by a healthy example

✗ make more impact by branding your body, mind and energy

✗ become unstoppable

✗ attract clients and people who love being around your contagious energy

✗ leave a legacy and a footprint in the world

✗ become the person you love being the most

... then scroll back up and enter. We're kicking off January 8, 2018!

Food is the foundation of your life. Change your food and you will change your life.