Prime Your Mind™

Prime Your Mind™

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As successful as you may be in your business, how successful are you with your wellbeing? Making yourself priority N°1, eating healthy, self-mastery is a mindset. This 3 day-course will prime your mind with the right thoughts, belief systems and vision with purpose so that you can tap into your full potential. After these 3 days at 1 hour of training per day you're set for success and doing things differently, consistently.

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If you have been stumbling over the same obstacles and failed each time you wanted to eat healthier, move more, take the next level in your business, balance work and life, all you need to do is prime your mind™ for the change you want to make. 

This powerful mindset makeover bootcamp has proven more than once that it is possible to get out of your own way and unlock your potential in only 3 days, when you begin with the most essential X-factor of your success: your mind. 

To serve you in a way that fits you best, you can choose to go through the online course yourself with 3 training videos or in person with Marie-Claire in a virtual VIP 1 on 1 version, where she will rewire your mind together with you.