Project "You" Plan™

Project "You" Plan™


How often are you telling your friends and family: "Sorry, but I don't have time." Success comes with a personal price when you don't have time to do the things you love doing because you're overwhelmed by work. This hands-on video workshop of 90 minutes brings clarity in how you can make time for your ideal lifestyle while being busy. Instead of mapping out your next business plan, you will create the roadmap for your health and energy first. 

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Imagine a business with you on top of it, flamboyant, passionate, strong, charged and in charge. How would that feel?

Countless entrepreneurs are making a shift in the way they want to run their business in the future. They just don't know HOW to and stay stuck in that confusion, tell me how tired they are.

Here's the bad news:  if you have been trying to resolve this issue by buying the next business course, you won't change a thing nor get you results if you are still too tired to go through all the DIY videos and walk the endless roadmap. 

Don't keep repeating the same mistake over and over. Stop putting yourself last, exhausting and frustrating yourself with a business plan and expensive programs you can't follow through with.

It all starts with you and your energy.

"What if we would first get rid of the REAL reason of why you are tired?"

"What if we could design a whole different kind of plan that would take care of YOU first, before you even start thinking of creating your business plan for the next year or months?

"What if you could build your business around YOU and your life instead of the other way round?"

So here's something that NO ONE has ever done before... In "Project You Plan™" we plan your business year by starting with the project YOU. You are your most important project. Let's break it down into doable sub-projects and start with the end in mind so that consistent self-care is doable and easy sustainable.

In this 90 minute hands-on video workshop, I'm walking you through tactics with tools and a handout that help you define what personal goals matter most to the quality of your life. We're taking your business planning and scheduling to the next level by taking a different approach. We are focusing on planning your business around your life instead of the other way round. Sounds good?

We schedule time for living the dream and by the end of this workshop, you have a different vision of your next business year, a schedule that doesn't burn you down but that empowers and energizes you. 

Who is it for? It's perfect for...

✗ Business coaches, entrepreneurs, experts, icons, leaders,...
✗ Speakers & authors, professional bloggers & writers
✗ Event planners, photographers,...

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