Your Reality

Your reality as an expert can be quite challenging.

The last thing you need is another ball up in the air. Or in other words:


it's tough to

When your plate is FULL


Did you know that you make about 200 food-related decisions in a day? Imagine for a moment the impact of all this distraction on your productivity, your focus, your cravings. Imagine how much time you could free up if you could cut down 90% of the thoughts that consume your clarity.

Most professionals don't give their daily food routine much thought: they tank up at Starbucks, pour down thoughtless coffee, dig into a donut on their way to the office, eat a sad sandwich in front of their computer, pour down more caffeine to keep going, stop at the takeout for a slice of pizza or push a pre-packaged meal into the microwave, fall asleep in front of the television after chilling with too much alcohol, then toss and turn in bed until sunrise. How many pounds did you gain since you started your business?