The hardest part of the day in the life of an entrepreneur is not: organizing your day, it’s not: planning your activities, it’s not: coaching or mentoring all day long, it’s not: creating new programs or a keynote without stopping for a meal, it’s not even attending meeting after meeting or flying across the world.


The hardest part is when you get home after work, when you walk through the door wondering where you’ll get the energy to make dinner. The frustration of feeling exhausted, mentally drained, on the tips of your toes at the moment you want to do what you love doing with your time, is discouraging and depleting. You wonder why you're doing "this" all for. The hardest part is when you realize that all you do right now is getting up, work all day, eat crap on autopilot, go to sleep. Day after day. Your desire to live that ideal lifestyle you’re working for is no way near the poor quality life you are living right now. 


What you really want

is the energy to dive into your kitchen and make a glorious healthy meal. You want energy to go out with your friends, take your family to the theatre or just sit down with them and play a game that makes your jaws hurt from laughing, energy to join a hot yoga class, to workout at the gym and after that, curl up on your couch in the arms of your love, read a good book, energy to make love every day. You want the energy to enjoy living the dream life you intended when you started your business.