3-day mindset makeover

bootcamp (FREE)

Turn off the television for 1 hour on January 30, January 31 & February 1, print out the handouts that I will upload every day and join me live for 3 days in a row to change your mind. My treat!  

Join me live at

18:00 CET - 12PM EST

This is important stuff that you need to know about, change and create if you want to become your own life long cheerleader instead of competitor.

All I ask for is your commitment to attend live (I'm personalising all the content to what you bring to the table!) or watch the replays, and do the work with me. 

“You have been very generous - thanks a million for allowing me to hit the ground running again!!!”

”I took a decision. There is no more time for bullshit. I want to take back my health with joy, ease and grace.”

”Loving this. So grateful Marie-Claire.”

”I can’t wait to learn more from all of you staying on this journey!”

”Thank you, I think what is changing is being more conscious about unhealthy choices”