The process

I became 100% “raw” overnight. But that doesn’t mean you have to or that you even need to go all the way to experience a huge difference. I take it much slower with my clients and actually, they are the ones who lead the dance: I stretch a little (that’s what coaches do). It's about creating a new mindset, new habits and routines, systems that work and support you every day.

You can take as much time as you want or need and take it as far as you wish. Some think they’ll need months and flip flop in one week. Others want to deep dive with one breath but then need more time. Some mainly take time for the psychology; changes in their habits, behaviour, mindset and self-care. It’s all ok. There’s no wrong vision or timeframe. The only thing that matters is that you're making changes that matter and that add up. Everyone has a different pace. That's cool.

Shifting to a new lifestyle is a journey. Make it a beautiful and fun one, full of excitement and new places to discover. Enjoy the trip, read a book about your destination, envision your ideal outcome and have a look at what you can expect.