I’m sure you have heard someone “encourage” you at some point in your journey to better health. Have you noticed how everyone around you suddenly becomes an "expert" in nutrition once you share that you're making healthier choices? Nevertheless, the person who most probably has been putting the most pressure on you, is you. Now that you made the intention, you want results like... yesterday! But is it working for you?

I learned that if you do things on willpower only, it’s a struggle to stay motivated. And then, when you fall off the wagon every time you try, you start feeling like a failure.



The reason why you may have been failing in your disciplined attempts is, that you’re missing 3 essential links in your toolbox that will add the skills that enable your capacities to reach the end goal. No inner fight with your willpower needed when you apply these to your life. 


Here’s the deal:

90% of your success starts between your ears.  


There’s no logic in changing your diet, self-management and lifestyle with the same way of thinking, with the same old stubborn patterns and habits that made you “fail” in the first place. You can't create new lasting results with the same old mindset.

Changing the way you eat is much more than just changing what you put in your mouth. Eating healthy is not a diet. Health is a mindset. So it’s about putting the right thoughts in your head and changing belief systems. That's exactly what we'll do during my 3 Day Mindset Makeover Bootcamp. I'll take you gently through that process personally.