Raw Pad Thai


Don’t you just love the Thai kitchen? Kelp noodles are the perfect basis for this lovely Pad Thai because they contain so much iodine and minerals, but zero calories and so…they make the perfect food to lose some weight while enjoying exquisite food that will delight you.  


How long it takes to prepare this dish? Faster than waiting for the delivery pizza boy: 5 to 10 minutes. Perfect for the life of a busy professional after a long day.





A pack of kelp noodles

Or slice up the meat of 1 to 2 young Thai coconuts into noodle shapes with a knife




3/4 C sesame oil

1/2 C tamari (= gluten free)

1/4 C olive oil

1/4 C freshly juiced lime juice

1 date or 1 TBSP of agave

2 red Jalapeño peppers without seeds

1/4 C cashew nuts (don’t soak)





Throw all ingredients in a blender

Blend into a smooth, shiny sauce

Mix by hand under your kelp noodles and coat well

Serve with fresh cilantro




Throw a leftover of the noodles and sauce in a salad and get a kick!

Excellent sauce to take in a lunch box or mixed with noodles on long distance flights

The longer you leave the sauce on the noodles, the softer they get

You can easily make this dish the evening before and eat it the next day: it only gets better